Positive Past Life CD

Positive Past Life CD

Most people look at past lives out of curiosity or because they have a block in the current life which needs to be released through accessing an unfinished past life. Not at all past lives are the problematic ones though that need to be looked at. There are others that are referred to as positive past lives, or sometimes resource lives. Quite often when I work with clients for therapeutic reasons, it is beneficial to resource a client by accessing and connecting them to a positive past life. It is a simple technique that can be highly beneficial for the client on their journey of working with the more problematic life.

This can be easily done in the course of everyday life too (without necessarily having to work on a therapeutic outcome) and that’s why I have created this CD. It is a simple and very effective technique for self-development.

Positive past live resources can be extremely helpful in the course of everyday life, and I have worked with clients and myself using positive past life resources to enhance such areas as confidence, social contact, general emotional well-being, decision making, procrastination, fear of death and many more.

Journey to a Positive Past Life CD by Doug Buckingham is not only extremely beneficial when you’re exploring the depths of your Soul – it’s on special special at the outstanding sum of £5 including postage (within the UK only)

I am happy to ship to other countries (though you might want to buy the digital version) but please let me know where you’re based and I’ll let you know the cost of shipping.

By the way, I also sell the CD at wholesale prices if you have a shop or a group that you would find them useful for

You can find the Journey to a Positive Past Life CD here 

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