Overcoming Fear of Failure

Overcoming Fear of Failure 

fear of failure

One of the biggest obstacles that people have in their lives is a fear of failure or more often than not, a fear of failing at something that would actually help to move you forward in your life. It is surprising just how many people have that hiding away somewhere. For some, it is possible that you are aware of having that fear of failure at a conscious level, though mostly for us humans, it is much more likely that you are unaware of it, as it is sitting in the depths of your subconscious mind. Perhaps it might only surface in the form of excuses not to do something or present as procrastination, or even avoidance.

When it’s unaddressed it can cause emotional problems, which might then manifest in physical ones, it can affect your relationships, cause you to miss opportunities and generally lead to a life which is far less fulfilling then it could be. The reality is that life is too short to let fear make decisions for you. However, the other reality is that the fear of failure is a very real thing which has more power than you would like to credit it for. So, it needs to be dealt with in a productive and permanent way!

Fear of failure usually comes from a past event, and sometimes that is from this life, usually your childhood, and sometimes that’s even from a past life, and that is partly why this fear gets buried in the back of your mind…it is a long time ago. Where it comes from is usually of less relevance than what it is doing for you now, and the reality about that is that it is probably stopping your moving forward in your life in some way. That’s because it keeps replaying in the back of your mind, like a form of negative hypnosis, each time you think about or try and move forward. It is literally a roadblock in your consciousness, and causes you to start littering your self-talk with “cant’s” and “shouldnts” and similar phrases that demean your sense of self-esteem and confidence levels.

Once you become more conscious about what has been happening, and not happening as a result, you can start to make conscious action to take away power from the past in your subconscious. If you do some inner work to help yourself put whatever it is from the past to bed and realise and truly accept that it is now over, then you can begin to make positive changes and start to leave it behind you.

Another thing about fear of failure is social conditioning. We live in a society where ‘failure’ is ridiculed and people are routinely condemned as ‘losers’, and for some bizarre reason, society thinks that is ok. As a result, many people find it easier to take no action and so avoid the possibility of failure and ridicule. The problem is that when you take no action and don’t work towards goals, you are likely to remain unfulfilled and drift along in a boring and unsatisfying life. Furthermore, when you do not set your own goals, then other people, or even life itself, soon do it for you.

I like to look at ‘failure’ differently and constantly and consistently reframe it for myself on a conscious and subconscious level, and I suggest that you do the same. For me, failure is an opportunity to learn, it is a stepping stone to success. Think of any important skill you have ever learned….

  • Did you get it right first time? Unlikely
  • Did you have to persevere and overcome setbacks? More likely
  • How good did you feel when you eventually mastered the skill? (fill in the blank yourself)

From now on, I suggest that you see failure as nothing more than an inevitable part of the learning process. You can embrace it, learn from it and move on towards your goal. Life is about learning, rather than the winning and losing that the some people in life and especially in the media would have you believe.

That is all good in theory, however the practical reality is that you are going to need to delve into the subconscious to do the work of letting go of the fear of failure.

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