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Online Gong Bath – Saturday 21st March – Clear Some Fear

Live & Online

This online gong bath takes place on Zoom – you need to register (scroll down for link) and i you would like to pay a donation for the event, that would be gratefully appreciated.

Sound is a vibrational energy that can be wonderfully healing when combined with the right intention. It can help to relax you and thus reduce stress levels, and in doing so it usually helps you to maintain a deeper sense of inner peace and so facilitates the “right energy” to sustain well being and better health. The intention of this particular one (21st March 2020) is to help you clear some fear. Whether you are buying into the excessive energy of the fear or not, the fear energy is most definitely present in the collective subconscious and we are all connected to that.

The sound of the gongs (and sound healing in general) aids you to relax your conscious mind and achieve alpha and theta brainwave states that promote that deeper sense of relaxation where letting go and healing happens.Gongs are a particularly powerful way of facilitating sound healing. The energy and vibrations of the gongs promote a relaxation of the body and soul as well as the mind.

I work with Paiste planetary gongs – specifically with a 36” Pluto for deep transformation and letting go, a 32″ Chiron for profound healing, a 32″ Mercury for lovingly improving communication, a 32″ Saturn for getting your life back on track and 24” Venus for enhancing love, creativity and opening the heart.  

For this online gong bath, please observe all normal practices as you would for any energy therapy session: i.e. avoid alcohol and any drugs other than prescriptions beforehand (unless needed).

  • Have some water to hand to keep yourself hydrated
  • Make sure your clothing is reasonably comfortable.
  • That you lie or sit down somewhere comfortable and without distractions
  • You may like to use your headphones or computer speakers.

Payment is by donation (credit cards accepted via Paypal)


You need to register for the gong bath with Zoom and you can do that by clicking here.  

in case you need the full link to copy and past here it is

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