November Gong Bath

My November gong bath is coming up very soon

november gong bathGong bathes are simply wonderful ways to bring you back into balance. Sound helps to release unnecessary stress and tension, whether that’s current or unresolved from the past. If you think about it, sound can help to relax you or to motivate you on an everyday basis, and some people even like music to lower their mood (through music).

Sound is also used in the medical arena to remove blockages (ultrasound to dissolve kidney stones), and so the concept of sound helping to help you let go of stress and relax isn’t so crazy, huh?

At a gong bath, people obviously hear the sound, however they also receive the sound. Sound is frequency and we are all frequency and that’s the sense in which they receive it. Sometimes people feel that in their bodies, and may even experience it as an old physical or even emotional pain surfacing (and thankfully getting ready to finally be released) .

I am firmly of the opinion that regular gong bathing (as it were) can really help to propel you on a path to physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being, and that’s many people experience when they come on a regular basis.

I have the great pleasure of running gong bathes on a monthly basis and the November gong bath takes place on Sunday 24th November at 7pm – it is in an amazing location (yes, I’m biased as it’s my house) but it is in the heart of the country with nature all around, and in a house that is full of crystals.

for details click this link

The short video below is from after a Gong bath of course :-)…. (as people are never talking during the gong bath itself)

I hope to see you here