Nothing Has To Be Anything

Nothing Has To Be Anything

I have recently found myself slowly dismantling my internal belief system. Nothing earth-shattering, yet a steady change within that resulted in the world around me doing likewise.

I ran a hypnotherapy course last week and found myself talking about beliefs more than I normally do, mentioning them as the foundation of reality, and how one way of looking at a hypnotherapist’s work is to suggest they help their clients change their belief system in order to make external change.

Shortly after the course finished, I had a look at an astrologer friend’s video about the recent New Moon. He topped and tailed the 15 minute the video with a phrase “If you want to change your life, then change your beliefs”.

We get programmed with beliefs from our parents, our peers, our past lives et al and then later in life we reinforce those beliefs with the people we socialise with, the programmes that we watch on TV, what we read in the media or on social media etc.

When we look at life and at our own circumstances and those of others, then our beliefs often dictate those perspectives. Our beliefs can open up our world – or they can put limitations in place that prevent us from being who we would like to be in the world. However, “nothing has to be anything” (it’s rapidly evolving into my favourite mantra).

I recently read something that suggested “if you can accept that everything you have believed up until this point in time might not be true then you have made a good start in examining your beliefs.” The very thought of it blew my mind, and I began slowly dismantling my belief system.

Last week somebody asked me if I would run a workshop on Angels. I was about to reply that “I don’t do angels” as I have said for many years…not for any particular reason other than it’s not an area of expertise of mine, and I think other people do angels a little better than me. As I am in the process of examining my beliefs, I decided not to say that. Instead, I thought to myself “I am open to angels, so let’s see”.

nothing has to be anythingBy a slight quirk of circumstance, I found myself the owner of 30-40 wooden angels a few days later. Having sold many of them, I bought another 200 or so. It seems I do  angels after all though perhaps not in the way I might have thought 🙂

I could also tell you of a few similar circumstances in the past 2 or 3 weeks where I have changed my belief system, and similar little twists of fate have happened, though I think you get my point.

In the past I might have said that some beliefs (core beliefs) are more difficult to shift, or even find in the first place, and thus take more time to re-align. However, that too of course is just a belief….nothing has to be anything

Whilst beliefs might be rooted in the subconscious, generally they are apparent in our conscious mind and everyday reality. A simple way of working with beliefs is to observe yourself in your daily life, and note any area where you feel restricted or limited or unable to are manifest freely in that area. Perhaps there is a belief at the root of that.

For some, it’s easier to start to practice belief shifting by looking outwards. Perhaps at someone you know or even a media figure, so long as it’s someone who you are opinionated about. If you think either yourself or that other person is either “this or that”, then resolve to let go of that belief about yourself/them, and instead start to belief the opposite..for example

Unlucky – Lucky
Mean – Kind
Cold hearted – Loving

And then IMAGINE you or them with this new belief in place and feel the emotion of it (easier to do when its for yourself). Don’t just do it once, do it daily if you really want to shift a belief and bring change and keep on doing it several times a day for a few weeks.

There’s more to belief changing that this simple technique (which works) and I will run a workshop on beliefs sometime in 2023 when I have a couple of other new projects off the ground.

In the meantime, remember nothing has to be anything …unless you have a lot of your energy or identity invested in it being that way…

With Love & Kindness


nothing has to be anything