Not Only, But Also …

Not Only, But Also… 

Self-knowledge leads to wonder, and wonder to curiosity and investigation, so that nothing interests people more than people, even if only one’s own person.” Alan Watts


At first glance, there appears to be three fans of this newsletter, who regularly write to me and (mostly) say how much they enjoy it 🙂 I suspect there are probably a few more than three as there are many more people on the list. However, I write these newsletters because I enjoy them and also because I “feel the need”, and in the hope that they are beneficial for at least one person … that’s enough for me!

Anyway, one of those three fans recently asked me how I choose my subject matter for the newsletters. I replied that I don’t think about it. When I am ready to write the newsletter, I pay even more attention to my conversations and interactions, what is going on in the outside world or (more commonly) whatever pops into my awareness. I trust that I am being guided/drawn towards the subject matter and then hey presto! Definitely no thinking involved!!

I mention this because a couple of afternoons ago I was having a chat with a friend, and during that chat she unwittingly put the idea into my head for this particular newsletter.

So, she told me that a friend of hers had asked her a few years ago, in what seemed to be a condescending moment, “Doesn’t there come a point when you can just stop having therapy?” My friend felt slightly indignant at this point and pointed out the very valid reasons why she was doing what she was doing.

However, what that line in our conversation prompted in me was the thought that there are still a lot misunderstandings out there about the nature of going to see a “therapist”. Many people of course think that you need to have a problem to go and see a therapist or practitioner of some kind, and whilst I totally get that, there is much more potential to it than that.

Most types of therapy and therapists help people to “heal” in some way and give them enough insight, perspective or relief to overcome problems that they have been struggling with, or might not have been able to do by themselves. The symptoms of fears, phobias, addictions, physical pain, emotional pains etc etc. can all benefit massively from seeing someone who knows what they are doing.

As I say, though, there is more to it than just that. If you can look at life as being the journey that it is, then you may like to embrace the concept that you are here to evolve. By using the word evolve, what I really mean is to understand yourself better on every level. Understanding your behaviours and relationships, why you do what you do and how you do that etc etc. And perhaps even starting to realise that you are an energetic consciousness (Soul) inhabiting a physical body, and how to apply that within the course of what seems to be every day life.

IF you can embrace that concept in theory at least, then you will likely understand there is more to life than meets the eye, and (start to) buy into the reality that everything is a learning at a Soul level, that 3-D limitations are here to be overcome for those who are ready, that a physical death is another transition point and much, much more….

However, that Soul awareness journey is not always easy or comfortable, and having someone to talk about it with, having someone who can bring a different perspective on it or simply someone who understands it is a valuable role that many good practitioners fill.

I have met many people over the years, and especially within the past 2 years, who have awoken to the Soul reality (and there is a global awakening going on now) in some way. Often they need help to and understand and work with what’s coming up for them. There is a lot of good stuff available in the digital world of the internet, however that can be a bit of a minefield.

Equally, I have worked with so many people who are struggling to overcome the fear dynamic that has been so prevalent on the planet, and find this is the thing that is holding them back most in their life. Whatever the circumstances people are going through when they come alive to their energetic reality, generally it follows that people need people.

Sometimes, all that people need is reassurance from a real person (rather than the confusion of the internet) that what they are experiencing is both normal and natural, and again that’s a truly valuable role for any person to offer. And sometimes they need someone to guide them through a small part or a large part of the journey.

The role of a therapist/practitioner is changing as some of humanity starts to awaken. Not only do we help to solve problems that come up; we also offer ourselves as listeners, “space holders” and guides for those that are able to undertake the journey of the Soul.

The world is changing …

When you are walking the journey of the Soul, attempting to understand yourself more or whatever you choose to call it then it can be a challenging experience at times.

As I have talked about above, reaching out to someone who might be able to help you, and/or point you in the right direction or simply say the right thing at the time is highly beneficial. I offer a number of free 15 minute online consultations each week where you connect and have an opportunity to find out whatever you need to and ask about ways to move forward for you, whether that’s with me, others that I can recommend or supporting yourself.

These consultations take place via Zoom, and I usually have a few of these 15 minute slots available each week. You can schedule one by clicking right here.

Not Only, But Also