Navigating Testing Times

“To strive with difficulties,
and to conquer them,
is the highest human felicity.”

Samuel Johnson

There can be little doubt in anyone’s mind that these are testing times for humanity as a whole. Some events of the past may well have been much worse, however at no time during our history has the internet/media has never played such a big part in proceedings. Whilst it can be hugely helpful to know what is going on in the world, there’s also little doubt that the media is increasing the spread of fear exponentially.  

Fear is of course isn’t something that we should be ignoring. It’s programmed into all of us biologically, and when our survival is threatened, then it is perfectly natural to feel fear. It serves a purpose within us to keep safe. So, in that sense it is important to acknowledge any fear that we may be feeling.

Fear is a big energy though when it’s inappropriately managed. If we allow it to drive our decisions, and our thoughts and our other emotions, then it will also be contributing to lowering our immune system (stress, anxiety etc all do likewise) which of course is the last thing anybody wants to do at this moment. It will also contributing, perhaps directly or indirectly, to the global fear which has enough energy of its own at the moment.

There are many ways to acknowledge and manage without getting too caught up in the energy of fear. 
Perhaps checking the news a couple of times a day, instead of multiple times is a good practical start. Looking after our inner resources is vital too. Whatever you can do to keep your energy (frequency) reasonably buoyant is important to your well-being at this time. Thankfully there are plenty of positive resources around on the internet to tap in to these days.  

I’ll be doing a couple of live webinars over the next couple of weeks, specifically to work with the chakra system (linked to the immune system of course). 

The first of these will be this Thursday at 7,30pm UK time and is a live chakra meditation with a Crystal Bowl Sounding, specifically designed to Heighten the Immune system.

If you’d like to participate then you can register for the event here  

I hope to see you there



Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Due to the current situation and government advise re face to face contact, none of my course or workshops are currently running. I am continuing to work online via Zoom for 1-2-1 sessions.And I am also running weekly group sessions via Zoom which are posted on my home page. If you would like to book a session or find out more, please ring me on 07979 750291

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