An Unconscious Attraction to St. Paul’s Cathedral

St. Paul's

Ever since I was a really little lad I have been “strangely” attracted to St. Paul’s Cathedral. Whenever my family came to London to see my grandparents I wanted to go there. My parents thought it was because St Paul’s was featured in Mary Poppins and that was a fave film of little me. Later in childhood, the attraction to St. Paul’s stayed, though my parents put it down to a donut shop in a neighbouring street.

When I started working in London at 18 it became a little ritual for me and a friend to eat our lunch in the garden outside once a week.

Working in the city and later living in London meant that I got to pass by and marvel at it’s magnificence on a reasonably regular basis, and I put that down to having a keen eye for fine architecture. I never read much of its history, I just liked it being there on the London skyline. Before I left the UK to go travelling for a couple of years in 2002, I took numerous photos of St. Pauls like you might with a dear friend you might not see for a while.

A couple of years later back in the UK, I thought  it an interesting “coincidence” that I did my Reiki training a stone’s throw from St. Pauls, and a little while after that when I started to understand and investigate the magnetic pull of our Soul’s past lives to people and places, I wondered if I had lived a past live and been connected with the Cathedral when I paid it a visit. Nothing surfaced in my consciousness though.

When I started to develop a taste for sacred geometry and how the builders and architects of our past had embraced this in many buildings, and especially in London, then I thought I had laid my fascination for St. Paul’s to rest. Christopher Wren had clearly been a mason or associated with the Templars and this was part of the sacred geometry of London and that was that.

And then a couple of weeks ago I had what seemed like a potent dream about of a stone circle. The very next day I read that when Wren had been building St. Pauls he found the remains of a stone circle, and light bulbs flashed in my consciousness and I understand my fascination with St. Pauls was probably connecting with the ancient history and significance of the place.

So, today I am having a mosey around St. Pauls, and see how it speaks to me. Perhaps something, perhaps nothing…but even in the nothingness there feels like the completion of a circle in my consciousness. Something and nothing for sure 🙂 xDougx