Mantras and Mandalas – Two Tonics for All Times

Mantras and Mandalas – Two Tonics for All Times

Mantras and Mandalas have been around forever and what’s more, they are are both tried, tested and sort of almost conclusively scientifically proven to do good things for our gorgeous selves.

Wanna find out more? Better still…wanna experience for it for yourself?

Well here’s your chance….on the evening of Wednesday 23rd February my friend Caroline and I will be hosting an “Introduction to Mantras and Mandalas” and offering you a few explanations and a few possible experiences.

We’ll be talking about mantra, explaining why it works, a bit about its origins and offering you the chance to experience its feel good effects for yourself (as part of a group session of course).

Most people know what a mantra is or at least they think they do. However what they may not realise is that the mantra is a like a personal power tool. Using the power of sound and positive intention, the mantra creates an energy wave pattern that when used repeatedly can bring about profound change and offer endless positive possibilities within our own electromagnetic energy field.

And we’ll be doing the same with mandalas too. Creating (or simply colouring in) a mandala is a very interesting experience that connects you easily with deeper parts of your unconscious.

What is a mandala is of course a common question and one answer is ““ A Mandala is a sacred circle, a symbol of wholeness, containing the essence of life in all its forms. With its origins in ancient India, this divine symbol crosses cultures throughout time. It is linked to sacred geometry, psychology & healing. It finds expression in arts, architecture & everyday objects”

So, you might now be wondering “how on Earth are they going to cover the magnificence of the mantra and the mandala in one small evening” . We dunno for sure is the answer to that one, but we do have a plan and we think it’s a good one.

You can find out more info and book your tickets here – you can even buy one for a friend too if you like 🙂 We look forward to seeing you on the 23rd February

This is an introductory evening to mantras and mandalas and we will be offering longer workshop on both the mantras and mandalas in the soon enough future.

Lots of love


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