Manifesting Your Reality   

Manifesting Your Reality

“When you dance, your purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor. It’s to enjoy each step along the way.”

Wayne Dyer

The concept that you can create your reality is still alien to many, and for many others it’s something that they tried and it didn’t work. Programmes like the “Secret” a decade or so ago introduced very helpful principles like visualisation and gratitude; other ones suggested that the Universe was something like a cosmic superstore and you could just ask for what you want and hey presto! Needless to say, the latter certainly didn’t work for everybody! And the lack of success for those living in a culture of immediacy put a lot of people off a concept that is essential to life.

 At the core of manifestation is the simple reality that our consciousness reflects our inner world out in the Universe, and then the Universe reflects it back into our everyday life. The only drawback from “manifesting what you want” is that we are complex beings made up of much more than our conscious desires. Our consciousness reflects Freud’s model of the iceberg – i.e. that 90% of it is hidden below the level of awareness. We are all carrying patterns and programmes from the past that at times may de-rail, deter and disempower us from achieving our goals. The trick is to uncover, accept them and release their power over us.

 At its heart, though, manifestation is not really about achieving your conscious desires and the accompanying “things” that you can get. It is about you understanding you, and liberating yourself from the patterns of the past, freeing up your energy and discovering and embracing qualities within yourself that enhance the quality of your life. And then those “things” you wanted likely come to you easily and effortlessly anyway!

There are many ways in which you can seek to manifest more easily and consciously. For me, it always come down to energy techniques, and in particular, I believe that one of the prime gateways for manifestation is through the chakras. Our chakras are constantly functioning and creating on a daily basis whether we realise it or not. How we relate to and work with the patterns contained with them (whether they are individual, ancestral and archetypal) often determines how life flows.

That is what my upcoming online 7 week course  “Manifestation Through the Chakras” is all about. Helping you to understand more about the chakras, and how they are helping and perhaps hindering you, and in particular solutions to help you with the hindering bit!!

The course is live and interactive online, so that you will be able to participate wherever you are in the world. It’s just like being in my front room, except for the absence of tea, biscuits and crystals. The course is also recorded each week, so that if you cannot make it one week, then you will be able to watch the recording at your leisure, and make comments and ask questions on whatever we talked about.

And when you look at the investment for this 7 week course, you will probably notice that it is a veritable bargain. The reason I am making it so accessible price-wise is a) because I want to and b) because it’s the first time I have run this course online. The course is and will be an excellent energetic exchange if you are ready to join me on this adventure through the chakras.

You can find out about the investment, the course itself and perhaps even book your place  on this link

Note: There are just three places left at the time of writing

Love & Gratitude