Manifestation Through the Chakras

Trance-Form the Reality you Create  

manifestation through the chakrasThe 7 week online course, Manifestation Through the Chakras starts again Thursday 23rd April 2020 Online in your home – And it is both Live and Recorded

Change Your Energy Change Your World

Everything is energy – you, your emotions, your thoughts, your beliefs and the ways in which you live your life.

The most effective way to change your outer world is to change your energy.

The chakras are energy centres that synthesise subtle energy into the physical body, and so have a great bearing on the reality you make manifest. The chakras can also be likened to computer databases as they store all of your old patterns and reflect your beliefs, thoughts and emotional responses. That’s fine when your patterns are in line with your conscious desires, however when they are old “stuff”, ancestral “stuff”, archetypal “stuff” and all below the level of conscious awareness and definitely not in line with your conscious plan, then change needs to happen!

By having a greater understanding of your chakras and the patterns that may be lurking within the level of conscious awareness, and having tools of trance-formation, then you have the awareness and potential to both maintain your energy more easily and to enhance, change or re-define it. Therefore, you can be more empowered to more consistently create the life that you want for you.

Working through the chakras helps you on the path to freedom – by letting go of what is unhelpful below the level of conscious awareness, you start to manifest more fluently and more effectively.

And do you know what? At it’s core, manifestation isn’t really about the “things” that you can get. It is about you understanding you, and liberating yourself from the patterns of the past, freeing up your energy and discovering and embracing qualities within yourself that enhance the quality of your life. And then “things” come to you easily and effortlessly anyway!


We will talk though each of the seven chakras and raise awareness of both the potential and the potential problems in that area, and help you to understand its influence in and on your life. We will also carry out a transformational exercises AND a crystal bowl sound healing to help you balance and/or change the energy of the chakra in question. All the meditations and sound healings will be recorded for you to use again at your leisure after the workshop. Plus you will be sent a PowerPoint for each chakra to that you have the info we discuss on the workshop at your fingertips.

Your Investment 

is £98.98 for the 7 week course including all of the downloadable material

When and Where

Manifestation Through the Chakras is next taking place from Thursday 23rd April 2020 for 7 weeks on consecutive Thursdays

Online in your home (or wherever you are) – all the material is recorded and available for 3 months after the course finishes

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The Presenter 

Doug is a highly experienced teacher and trainer, having taught Reiki from 2006-2018, and Hypnosis and Regression since 2010. He has initiated Regression Therapy training programmes in Scotland, England, South Africa, Italy and Mexico, and has also run workshop in a number of other countries, Belgium, Lithuania, Switzerland, India and others. He first “stumbled across” the chakras in 2003, and then trained extensively as a spiritual healer at the College of Psychic Studies, and as a Reiki teacher, and read, listened and observe the effect that our chakra patterns have on everyday reality.  He developed this workshop as a highly successful online course, and has adapted the materials for a weekend workshop.

He is also an author and an engaging and entertaining public speaker on the subjects of regression, hypnosis, beliefs, chakra and energy work. He’s extremely grounded, connected and professional….and very kind too!!


The recent Manifestation Through The Chakras course has been a true transformational tool within my life. I started the course without expectations and have been beautifully surprised and blessed from the results so far, even though it has been a mere three weeks. After four years of procrastinating I landed a book deal, and after two years in rented accommodation, we are finally looking to purchase a large family home. How has this happened? I do not honestly know, but I believe it is through removing blocks and limitations I did not know I carried, learning how to effectively ground and trusting a source greater than myself. The weekly homework was a really great motivational tool for me, and I loved having two hours a week of Me Time to attend the live lessons. Having this time out helped change my energies from being a usual non-stop busy mother of four to a focused female looking to move forward in life. I can honestly say that working with Doug over the years has made me and my life better than I could have ever foreseen. A wonderful, down-to-earth, knowledgeable man who I trust entirely.
A heartfelt thank you, Doug. Shelley Knight 

The course was really stimulating and energising. There’s always a great energy on all Doug’s workshops. My life will change as a result of the course because now I will be able to manifest more easily. I had two intentions for this course and both have been brought to the fore. I feel there will be greater abundance in my life giving me more choice and fulfilment. Jim French 

I very much enjoyed the course and had a good breakthrough with my decluttering. I am also doing new things and enjoying the sense of freedom. I liked the sound meditations and the sense of community. Jane 

I very much liked all of the course. And I now feel as though I will be more positive and motivated to make the necessary and wanted changes in my life. This is the first time I have done an online course and I very much enjoyed it. I also made good use of the material by listening to the meditations and sound healings again. Sharon Powell 

I liked the pace of the course and the amount of information was enough to digest without being overwhelming. I also really enjoyed the meditations and sound work. Now, I have a much greater knowledge of the chakras and how I can work with them to help me manifest my goals and desires. Having the tools for life means I can refer back to them when I need to. I am pleased to say I made good use of the resources and also listening to the meditations and recordings. Louise Green 

I have just finished doing this “Manifestation Through the Chakras” course and I found it very interesting and will definitely use the meditations and sound healings going forward. It was helpful for my therapy business to understand more about the chakras.
I got part way towards manifesting the intention that I wanted to work on throughout the course. It (the intention) didn’t ultimately come off, but I’ve found myself starting to manifest something else which I wasn’t expecting and which I’m pleased about. So, I will continue to use the meditations, sound healings and keep reading through your suggestions to help with this new manifestation! Thank you. Vanessa C 

“I would like to thank you for all you have done for me. I really feel I am becoming the person I wished and visualized to be. Keep doing what you do- it is powerful and enhancing. You change and transform people’s lives, you are living your mission. I wish you all the best and all your dreams come true. I might catch up with you soon with some of your courses. ” Violeta 

Manifestation Through the Chakras – a 7 week online course – LIVE

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