Manifestation Through the Chakras

Manifestation Through the ChakrasTrance-Form the Reality you Create

Starting on Thursday 7th of February 2019, this 7 week online course will help you to re-create the way the world works for you.

This course is hosted on a different platform to my website, and if you want to cut to the chase and read about it there, then click on this link

Change Your Energy Change Your World

Everything is energy – you, your emotions, your thoughts, your beliefs and the ways in which you live your life.

The most effective way to change your outer world is to change your energy.

This course helps you to bring awareness to common patterns that you may be acting out through your energy field. Once you have awareness you can take action.

Take Away Tools of Trance-Formation

Each week we will take action and work through release exercises – and you will be offered ideas and suggestions for ongoing trance-formation too.

Plus there will be a download available of the PowerPoint for the week

AND there will also be a 5-10 minute sound healing download for the chakra in question or you to use time and time again.

And there will be live meditations each week – also downloadable

Live Interactive Sessions

The seven episodes of this courses are all “live” and interactive, so you can participate, ask questions, give feedback…

They are also recorded for you, and stored on this website in case you miss a week. Then you can watch at your leisure or perhaps even again to reinforce the learnings and awareness.

And there will be an 8th session to assist you further on your journey.

Your Investment 

is £98.98 for the entire course (including the 8th week)

There is a 22.2% discount available for this course if you book within 2018 – please remember this is only valid for purchases made within 2018. If you have not got your discount coupon code then please email me, let me know how you found the course and ask for the discount coupon.

Remember, this Manifestation Through the Chakras course is hosted here