Manifestation Through the Chakras Autumn 2019

Manifestation Through the Chakras 

You may have already seen that my online​ course “Manifestation Through the Chakras Autumn 2019 ” will be starting again live on Thursday 19th September and continuing for 6 weeks after that.

You can find out more about that on the video in this post – Change Your Energy, Change Your Life – is one of the main principles – so I will save too much typing in this email. However, please do note the course is live and it’s also recorded (in case you miss a week) and the material is downloadable. It’s a journey through the human energy system of the chakras designed to lighten and brighten your future. And it works!!!

So, if you’re IN or interested​, then you might like to know that the the standard price of the course is £98.98

However, if you are someone who subscribes to my newsletter or my Facebook page, then that entitles you to a 10% discount on the price of the course – you can sign up to my newsletter on any page on my website and/or find my Facebook page here

The link to sign up to Manifestation Through the Chakras Autumn 2019 is

​And if you’re not in (yet) and have questions, then please do let me know

Blessings to you