Looking for Good Hypnosis Training

Looking for Good Hypnosis Training

Looking for Good Hypnosis TrainingWhen you’re looking for good hypnosis training, there is a lot of choice around these days. It’s both useful and beneficial for you to keep a few important considerations in mind when you’re choosing who you decide to train with:

  • If the course you are choosing is genuinely accredited, or self-accredited. It needs to be the first one and that accreditation should be with a reputable body. – This course is accredited with the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (probably the largest regulatory body in the country) as it meets the 50 hours practical time required or a certificate course (check that your course does that as some don’t) 
  • If the course has a practical element to it. Any worthwhile course should aim to give all of the participants’ sufficient practical experience and confidence to be able to go and do practice sessions immediately after it.  – This course has extensive practical sessions from halfway through the first day and gets you up and running very quickly on how to approach them after the course.
  • On that note, follow up is vital. Learning hypnosis is a process (I am still learning 13 years after the first course that I took) and if there are no after course case study requirements and accompanying supervision, then your learning path is lacking something essential. – This training course asks you to complete five case studies in the six months after the course, which gives you invaluable experience of how to work with people. You get written supervision for these case studies, and you also benefit from the online supervision sessions we offer you to empower you on your path.
  • The experience and passion of the trainer – check that your trainer has these in spades, or that they are working with someone who has lots of experience. – I have been running a version of this course since 2010, and have run it over 50 times in 5 different countries. I still love every new course that I run.
  • That there are further study routes to follow after the initial training. – You can continue on your path with either regression training or with additional hypnosis training.
  • That the course has a Soul – this course is essentially energetic hypnosis, and hopefully you can feel it’s Soul. We don’t approach hypnosis on a mind only basis; it’s a holistic therapy that works deeply with all parts of a person.
  • That it resonates with you – only you know that for sure!


So, if you are Looking for Good Hypnosis Training, and if this post does resonate, then feel free to get in touch and ask more questions, or request a registration form, more details or whatever you need to ensure that you’re making a good decision.

My next Hypnosis certificate course is running Chalfont St. Giles, Bucks, between 27th June – 1st July. The course is non-residential, though there are a couple of good budget onsite accommodation spaces that participants often like to take advantage of. Otherwise, the venue is close to Chalfont & Latimer station (Metropolitan line or National Rail from Marylebone) or close to Junction 18 of the M25. Find out more here 

Love & gratitude

Doug Buckingham