Living is Easy With Eyes Closed


“Living is Easy with Eyes Closed,

Misunderstanding All You See.”

 John Lennon



Perhaps living is easier if you walk around with your eyes closed to what you see, feel and sense within yourself and in the world around you? Being unconscious to what’s happening has its merit. Many people live long and happy lives without having to develop much in the way of awareness. A great many others also deaden any possibility of awareness with various excesses that number their sense.

However, what’s been happening for long time now, and is continuing to increase, is a world-wide evolution of consciousness. As a consequence of that, more people like you and I find ourselves living with our eyes open. Progressively more people are starting to “awaken” to themselves, their innate spirituality or to realise there is something more than the surface reality in life. They usually arrive at some kind of realisation that they can have some bearing in the creation of their own reality and of that around them.

We had a lovely Cacao ceremony last night. Part of the general discussion at the end of the evening was around this ongoing evolution in consciousness. Lots of us know that energy medicine and energy awareness are the ways forward for humanity. What is increasingly taking place is that this awareness is starting to distil down into everyday activity. Food and diet is probably the most obvious example that we all have in front of us every day. There, our choices to be conscious about how we feed ourselves are more prevalent than ever in terms of healthful options available.

The rise in complementary/alternative practices and events is another obvious example. What is completely really encouraging is that a focus on well-being is  becoming generalized in the workplace. I recently read that “mindfulness training and meditation have been adopted by employers like Google, Apple, Starbucks, KPMG, Intel” (source: “Better” by John Grant) . When companies of their magnitude are doing this, then it will filter down into a greater whole. More and more people are concerned about their work/life balance, and those organisations that employ others have to respond to that demand. It can only breed more well-being.

This rise in interest and conscious awareness on general well-being is definitely happening. What is also becoming increasingly apparent on a more global scale is the evolution in living with your eyes open mentioned earlier. External choices like food, drink, what you drive, where you go on holiday etc. are easier tasks than the internal ones. Those involve taking responsibility for your thoughts and emotions in addition to those external behaviours. Individually, we can all create internal “war or peace” that will at some point spill out in to our external reality

That conscious awareness is becoming more widely understood. Resources like mindfulness and meditation are great aids to help to manage that on an ongoing basis. Transformational tools like hypnosis, regression, sound and others are effective in sourcing problems in the depths of the subconscious. “What lurks beneath” (i.e. the subconscious) is really what runs your life.

The more we can be aware of that and learn how to manage our choices accordingly, then the more accepting of life we are.  When that happens, then the more life tends to run smoothly! What it all comes down to, whether consciously or subconsciously, is  “Being More Mindful” . If we can recognise that we have a choice on how we respond in any given situation, then life changes!

We have all had points or places in our lives, or even entire past lives, where we either didn’t have choice, or perhaps thought we didn’t have a choice. To re-quote John Lennon we misunderstood all we saw. Awakening in the 21st century in this lifetime is really about understanding that you have choice in any life situation.  Not necessarily easy, though nonetheless possible.

To Celebrate 

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