Listening to your Guidance

Listening to your Guidance

All of us have asked for guidance at one time or another in our lives – some of us on very many occasions J When we were young, some would be able to ask our parents, as we grew older we would have included friends in that list of advisors, maybe even our teachers, our bosses and so on.

As adults people might go to their financial advisor or their bank manager, stockbroker for financial guidance or share tips. Any of us who drive a car have to place faith in the guidance in a car mechanic or garage once or twice a year…big leap of faith each time I do that! How we do know how to trust their advice each time – they are experts in their field but can we place our faith in what they say?

A lot of people ask for guidance on their Spiritual Paths; they might ask God, Jesus, the Universe, the Buddha, Mohammed, the Angels or their spirit guides or whatever their particular Faith might include. How do we know when the information coming back to us is “right”? and are you actually Listening to your Guidance

A lot of people in the Spiritual/new Age world make a good living out of our desire for guidance. They are many who sell books and offer workshops on how to contact your guides, angels, spiritual beings or etc… And of course there are tarot readers, clairvoyants, channels and the like who offer readings of some descriptions. A bit like car mechanics; some are good, honest and always do their best; some are brilliant and tell you really useful information and then a few ….you simply wouldn’t want to take your car to…. so how do you know who to go?

So how do we know? Intuition (Inner tuition) is deeply ingrained within all of us when we come onto the Earthly plane; and then often our well-meaning parents, teachers or society simply pushes it to one side and drags us into the realm of analysis and logic (this is still useful of course but not to the exclusion of our intuition). Some are born more intuitive than others, but it also a skill that can be learnt, practised and polished to reasonable state of perfection fairly easily. The reason for that is that we have the wisdom within us; we know what’s best, or appropriate) for us.

Often we have a knowing when something feels right but does “right” necessarily mean good….at least in the short term…something that is for our Highest Good isn’t always what our personality considers to be short-term good. As a deeply intuitive Piscean I have been fortunate to be a “knower” for a very long time and often I know when I should do something. That can mean eschewing popular opinion and marching to the beat of my own drum. Ten years I gave up a very well-paid job, sold my house and went travelling with no particular goal because I knew that I had to – all of my colleagues, friends and family thought I was crazy but I had a very deep knowing. And now here I am…loving what I do and doing what I love.

We can listen to that knowing within us when we are still (not doing – just being), when we’re in nature or simply taking a quiet couple of minutes or maybe we really just know. A lot of people saying that knowing emanates from the head, but I am of the belief that it comes from the wisdom of the heart or maybe it is just sitting there in our unconscious. When we are clear and grounded we can learn to trust our hearts and to know when something feels right for us. We can ask ourselves the questions “does this feel right” and if we are listening we will get an answer back immediately.

You can also learn to validate our guidance for yourself by a means of divination – basic pendulum use/dowsing is very simple to learn, you could even programme ourselves for a yes/no response from an ideomotor response from your fingers. Kinesiology shows that there is a wisdom within the whole body and that your body has a positive/negative reaction to certain substances, thoughts, feelings or anything you like really.

And often the Universe will validate your knowing right here in the material world when you are listening to your guidance. A synchronicity of some kind will transpire- a conversation with a friend who says the right thing, a poster on the tube catches our eye with exactly the right word. The Universe will always respond if we ask for validation or for guidance. It is not here to do the work for us, but it will always assist.

If listening to your guidance is something you are going to go and learn somewhere, then it is wise to go a good school. I am happy to field any questions on any aspects of that. Generally I always recommend either me and/or the School of Intuition & Healing. I do some workshops there and I know the principals of the school and they meet my personal requirements of working with integrity, and in a grounded, clear and protected manner.

For some the question at this moment in time may be….”what am I really here to do?” or “how can i be of service?”  ….I am facilitating a workshop with my friend Jen Treanor in May at the School of Intuition and Healing called “Awakening Your Sacred Journey”. It will involve how to get clear and listen to listen to your guidance, and is specifically designed for those who are called to do work with the Planet or Earth Energy work at this special time of change….whatever that may mean to you.  Needless to say, if you feel or know you have to be there then…..

Listening to your Guidance can be a life changing thing

Love & blessings



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