Kindness & Appreciation

Kindness & Appreciation

Whatever comes next is entirely up to you and whatever you choose to create. This is how our Quantum Reality works.

There are a lot of people who are bemoaning the fuel, energy, food etc prices that are supporting the “cost of living” crisis, and aiding the speculation of what will happen this winter. Whilst their thoughts, words and deeds are most definitely understandable, it is also more definitely worth remembering the one overridiing fact that we live in a Quantum Universe, and therefore create our own reality.

I have a good friend who is a fabulous healer and spiritual leader, who frequently sends me videos of this or that unjust thing that the government has just done, or is about to perpetrate. When I talk to him about quantum reality, he fully agrees with me that we are creators, however he cannot get past his own sense of injustice about what he believes to be happening. I get that completely however…

He does a great deal of good in the world, yet I playfully suggest to him that he could be doing even more good in the world, if he stopped putting his energy into what he does not want, and focussed it on what he does want.

That’s how quantum reality works – energy goes where intention (and attention) flows and grows it, whether it is what we want or not.

So, how can you
positively energise what for many is a challenging time in our human evolution ??

There are undeoubtedly many possibilities, however I was reminded the other day about the concept of “paying it forward”. I think I probably first heard about this a dozen or so years ago, though it has slipped through my attention lately.

The concept of
paying it forward” apparently began in ancient Greece and is essentially the act of paying kindness in advance by being kind or generous now so that it benefits someone else at some point in the future. This is done without any expectation of reward or benefit to yourself as the giver, though there are “hidden” benefits….

The idea is to generate waves of kindness that ripple through groups and communities and also through time. What if more and more people in the world started being “deliberately” and anonymously kind to others without any expectation of benefit or reward? The world where people are doing that would be the kind of world that many of us would like to create and most of us would like to live in!!

Paying it forward doesn’t have to be a big gesture, and it doesn’t have to be someone you know (probably be better if it isn’t). Years ago, when I first discovered this concept, I used to pay for small things for people that I didn’t know.

One example that I can remember was when I was going through the toll bridge over the River Severn into Wales, and I paid the toll fee for the unknown car behind me. They sped after me once they had come through the toll, and I could see the driver and front passenger gesturing animatedly and excitedly in my rear view mirror.

Paying a few quid for that couple wasn’t a big thing, however I’d like to think it brightened their day, gave something fun to talk about, and they might even have paid it forward themselves at some point?

For me, it made laugh and increased my sense of well-being even more. Apparently there is something called a “helper’s high” created when you carry out kind acts, whereby the brain releases all sorts of nice chemicals 🙂 

If you like the sound of that then here’s my challenge to you (and myself) for September. Pay it forward once (or more if you like) to someone you don’t know so they can benefit from your kindness. It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture, just something that someone else will appreciate! Help make the world a kinder place.

This kind of positive energy can change the world if more people align to it. Pay it forward without expectation. Do it spontaneously, without any forethought and if possible without having to take any credit for it.

The world needs people like you to do
random acts of kindness for other people. 

If you’re doing this kind of thing already, do one more for September

With Love & Kindness