Is This For You?

Is This For You?

Have you thought about using Hypnosis to improve your life?

Many people have and it is finally becoming widely recognised as one of the most effective ways of dealing with life’s problems at their source – in the subconscious mind

We have two people who recently trained in hypnosis who are looking to work with a few people in order to complete their accredited qualification. Those people need to be ready to commit to helping their life using hypnosis over the course of three sessions – If you are in/around the Loughton area in Essex, or Harpenden in Herts or in Bucks then this might be for you ??

For example you might want help with

Sleeping better at night
Improved levels of confidence
Releasing any old fears or phobias
Bad habits that you want to change
Anxiety and stress
Better eating habits
Motivation to exercise
Public speaking
Or other sports performance
Exams, tests or other studying
Stopping smoking
Memory + concentration improvement
And many, many more things

As I mentioned, if you want to take up this chance then you need to commit to 3 sessions (which will take place over 3 or 4 weeks) and also commit to give the people concerned feedback after the final session that they can submit for their case studies. This is the energy exchange that asked for 

Hypnosis really helps, and that is being increasingly recognised by the medical and other clinical communities.

If you want to take advantage of this special offer, then do let us know as soon as possible

With Love & Joy