Inner Child Workshop

Inner Child Workshop

Sunday 18th October in Loughton 10-5pm

Enhance Your Chances of Trance-Formation during this workshop

inner child workshop“Inner Child Regression” Workshop – Sun 18th Oct in Loughton 10-5pm

During the early years of our lives we absorb many things in our environment, both consciously and unconsciously; and consequently we develop many of our belief patterns based on the information and behaviour we observe in the world around us and from the people in it. Unfortunately for some, the unconscious part of our mind that creates our belief systems and programmes often doesn’t judge whether the incoming information is right or wrong.

This Inner Child workshop will seek to explain some of these “truths” about ourselves, and where appropriate to re-balance some of those “truths”. It will be a mixture of the theoretical and experiential exercises working with the Inner Child.

This is one of my favourite workshops to run, as the group session are a fabulous way to access the power of this form of transformational healing, and there are lovely opportunities for self-healing on the day.

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