Imagine a Parallel Reality

Imagine a parallel reality – let’s call it HTRAE – where you are given a computer at birth. Whether you think of that as a good or as a bad thing is irrelevant, for what is most important to note about that is that in this parallel world, HTRAE, this is the only computer that you will be allowed for your entire life.

In one way, your life computer is actually helpful during the early years of your life. It records absolutely everything for you, and helps you adapt to the harsh environment of HTRAE and ensures that your survival needs are met as best as you can. In another way, it is actually quite unhelpful as whilst it does learn to differentiate between good and bad, it lacks the skills and wisdom to identify the subtleties of good and bad. In particular it struggles with situations known as GPDDTTS (translation- good people doing dumb things to survive) and PDTBTTCATT (translation-People doing the best that they could at the time).

As you grow older on HTRAE, this computer receives automatic software updates. These updates are automatically generated by the computer itself, partly from the global information service that it is connected to, and partly by your immediate circle, known as FFPCMI (translation-family, friends, peers, colleagues and media influences). Whilst the computer has stronger filters in place once you hit 7 years of age on HTRAE, there is a flaw in the system and any incidences of WGPDDTTS and PDTBTTCATT that might have already infiltrated its hard drive, often get reinforced and made slightly stronger during these updates.

Mainly though, most citizens of HTRAE survive quite well into their 30’s and 40’s when a strange thing starts to happen to a smallish percentage of the population. They start to question the meaning of their lives and ask questions like why the LLEH do I behave like this, Do I have a greater purpose while I am here and can I get better. Sadly, it is only a smallish percentage on HTRAE who ask these questions, as there are number of mind-swallowing monsters on HTRAE, namely LOHOCLA, SGURD, RAGUS, TEIDDAB and the worst of all, the dreaded AIDEM (who try to control and poison all the minds that they can).

Some of that smallish percentage try and answer those questions and bring change to themselves and HTRAE, without looking at their lifetime computer. They do ok. The smarter, or perhaps luckier, ones realise they need to start clearing the programmes that are unhelpful on the hard drive of their computer and quickly too. As it happens, a lot of those are PDTBTTCATT and WIGPDDTTS type situations, and what they discover is that for the most effective clearing, something called SISONPYH seems to work really well, as it goes into the depths of the hard drive, and then helps them integrate new and more helpful programmes.

That smallish percentage tend to more fruitfully on HTRAE, and end up thriving rather than surviving.

If you are worried about ending up on HTRAE in your next incarnation, and want to do something to prepare yourself now, then you might want to think about coming along to my next SISONPYH Hypnosis training course that runs between the 27th June -1st July on planet HTRAE EARTH.

With evol

Doug Buckingham

Hypnosis and Regression Therapist, Trainer, Talker & Author