I See Rainbows Inside

I See Rainbows Inside

There have been many “rainbow” moments in the 4 or 5 years since I became acquainted with Aura Soma but there is one truly definitive moment that sticks in my mind. I was standing in the Aura Soma shop in Greenwich one lunchtime a few years ago and a small boy walked by the shop with his mum.

As he saw the kaleidoscope of colours et al through the window his face lit up and he broke free from his mum and pressed his entire being against the shop window, full of wonderment and joy. His mum didn’t give him much time at all before she came came up and prised him away from the window. As she dragged him up the street, I could hear him protesting to his Mum “…but mummy, mummy, it’s the magic shop…I see rainbows inside”

Working with Aura Soma provides an abundance of such memorable moments, and there’s often a depth of synchroncities rarely experienced elsewhere. And there’s something for everyone with this surprising colour therapy….sensory and energetic stimulation, attractive colours, a place to apply both simple and profound logic, a springboard for remarkable intuitive insights and there’s the bridge that it provides; the bridge from the mystical to the mundane and back again and quite how that works I don’t really know…however it does.

Wednesday 6th April is the date, 7pm is the time and Greenwich is the place to be, for an Introduction to Aura Soma aka a quick dip into an ocean filled with rainbow moments

You can book your ticket for a mere ten pounds right here

Love & rainbows



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