Hypnosis for Sports Performance

Hypnosis for Sports Performance

Hypnosis for Sports Performance

Athletes need many things to be good at their chosen sport..

Practice…determination…and a positive attitude help many players go far..

People who play a sport know the importance of keeping their body in great physical shape..

..so professional athletes devote huge quantities of their time to maintaining and strengthening their physical prowess…

…But training the mind AS WELL helps many athletes excel in their field..which is why many athletes who are serious about moving ahead often consider hypnosis for sports performance as being essential

And there are many famous users….

Tiger Woods professional golfer was able to make shots that no one else could…

…he’d used hypnosis since he was 13 to free his mind from worry, pressure, distraction and focus on the pleasure of the game

Kevin McBride the boxer known for beating Mike Tyson in a championship fight used hypnosis to unlock his talent at just the right time

From ball sports right through to horse riding and water sports hypnosis can help every athlete get in a position where they can be a superstar!

And it can help with all of these things!

  • Confidence Building
  • Anxiety Management
  • Dealing with Self-Talk
  • Improving Motivation
  • Maintaining Focus
  • Competition Preparation
  • Improving Mental Toughness
  • Performance Enhancement
  • Technique Rehearsal

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