Hypnosis Training

Hypnosis Training

hypnosis training


Hypnosis training courses which are fully accredited by the GHR/GHSC at Foundation Level are offered on a regular basis in Buckinghamshire in England and in Scotland.



The next Certificate courses are running

Buckinghamshire (Metropolitan Line + residential options)  – 11-15th January 2023


This Hypnotherapy training is suitable for people with a passion and/or curiosity for this area, either for those without prior knowledge of other therapies, or experienced therapists and professionals who would like to add hypnosis to their skillset, and for those that wish to use this as a stepping stone to our Diploma in Transformational Regression Training (TRT), which is next starting in early 2023

It can also be followed up with our Intermediate Hypnosis course which is next running laterr in 2023


If you would like to train to be a hypnotherapist, please call either 07979 750291 or email me on doug@dougbuckingham.com