Hypnosis/Regression Supervision/Mentoring

I have been approached more and more often to offer 1-2-1 supervision/mentoring, and now I have decided to make that more accessible to a wider number of people by way of this web page.

As a practising hypnotherapist or regression therapist, you might find that peer group supervision is perfectly sufficient for you, perhaps with the group that you trained with, or with other like-minded people that you have found since your training. Sometimes though, peer group supervision is not enough. So, for those who would like more support then I offer the following range of options:

1:1 Supervision for Hypnosis and/or Regression 

This is the easiest and usually most efficient way of having supervision, as you bring whatever your own needs are to the table for discussion. This might include some of the following areas:

  • Discussing current or future clients
  • Reflection/discussion on client approaches
  • Attracting more clients
  • Energy management when/after working with clients
  • What happens when you don’t like a client – does your stuff come up?
  • Managing a busy work load and/or doing therapy work on top of an existing job
  • Integrating hypnosis and/or regression into your existing practice
  • Transitioning from a 9-5 job into “full-time” therapy practice
  • Starting or re-starting your hypnosis practice
  • Anything else that you bring to the table

1:1 supervision is carried out mainly online on Zoom, though it can also be done in person (at my location). I currently have practising therapists who book monthly or bi-monthly supervision sessions of an hour and those who book random sessions when something pops up. For those who are booked into a monthly or bi-monthly schedule the hour-long sessions can also be conducted as 2 x 30 minute sessions (Zoom only)

Your investment for individual supervision is:

  • One-off session x 1 hour: £85 per session
  • Two monthly sessions totalling 1 hour: £75 per session (6 months commitment)
  • One monthly sessions x 1 hour: £65 per session (6 months commitment)

Group Supervision for Hypnosis Only (at the moment)

For those of you who have trained with me, you will be aware of how I run the post-course online modules for hypnosis and regression and these group sessions run on a similar basis. I will give everyone time to speak/participate, will encourage reflection on the questions posed by others in the group and again will offer my own perspective. The goal will be to use the time as effectively as possibly for the group as a whole – note group numbers are limited to ensure everybody gets time. 

The subject matter is what each person in the group brings to the table.

Your investment for group supervision is:

  • £20 per 1 hour session (max 4 people in a group) or
  • £20 per 1.5 hour session (max 6 people in a group)

So basically you pay £20 per session, and I manage the time according to the number of participants.

Group Hypnosis supervision sessions will take place from January 2021 onwards. I am currently scheduling dates for the group supervision and will send these out to the therapists that I have worked with.

Please note all calls for group and/or individual supervision are recorded for you, but not stored long-term.

Payment Is In Advance Only


Thank you