Interlife Regression Training

Interlife Regression Training (IRT)

This course is part of the Cara – the Centre for Transformational Learning – Accredited Hypnosis and Regression Training Programme.

The next course is scheduled for 1st-5th September 2021

This course goes beyond the remit of Transformational Regression Therapy and looks into the deeper Soul memories and intentions that take place prior to the current life incarnation in the Interlife space between lives. You will explore the contents of the last past life prior to this incarnation, the Interlife memories and planning stage and also the actual process of incarnation into the current life itself.  This course enables existing regression therapists to work with clients to understand the bigger picture questions of life relating to their mission and purpose, and empowers them to integrate and embrace it more fully into being.

The content includes the following and more…

  • Client selection and preparation
  • Client interviews
  • Hypnotic techniques for trance depth in an Interlife regression
  • Clearing blockages that may prevent clients from accessing Soul memories
  • Differentiating between Spiritual ego perception and Soul memories
  • Spirit realm activities including
  • Past life reviews
  • Moving on from the past life including energy healing
  • Working with Soul Group members
  • In-depth current life planning with guides & Soul group members including body/parent/culture selection
  • Reviewing life plans and working with Councils, Masters, Elders
  • Incarnating into the womb, and working with parental DNA patterns plus Soul memories
  • Integrating understanding into the current life and helping clients to empower current realities
  • Working with the energy of the Interlife space and anchoring and integrating it for the current life
  • Activating ongoing dream-time learning with clients (post-session)



The requirements for joining this interlife regression training course are:

  • An Accredited Hypnosis Certificate
  • An Accredited Regression Therapy Qualification (or to be on top of the skills from the regression training)
  • Ongoing practice of the skills attained in the above qualifications


Your investment

The cost of the course is £695 for the five day course including 2 additional one hour post-course supervision modules and Certification.

How to apply

To book a place please download and complete the linked registration form and email it to

Once your registration has been accepted, then payment of £195 will secure your place on this course.


This interlife regression training is led by Doug Buckingham who is an expert on past lives, regression therapy and Interlife Regression. Doug is a highly experienced practitioner, having carried out over a thousand sessions, and is the principal Hypnosis and Regression trainer for Cara. He has initiated Hypnosis/Regression/Life between Lives training programmes in England, Scotland, Italy, Mexico and South Africa and taught workshops in several other parts of the world.

Doug Buckingham – Doug first taught Reiki in 2006 and since then had initiated 100’s of people into Usui Reiki. As well as being a Reiki Master/Teacher, Doug has also taught Hypnosis and Regression for 11 years in a number of different countries around the world, and has a wealth of teaching experience.



For those who have to travel to the venue, there are 2 simple Bed & Simple Breakfast spaces available at the course venue for a nominal fee.