Hypnosis and Regression Training

hypnosis and regression training





Professional Hypnosis Training and Regression Training courses, which are fully accredited by the GHR/GHSC are offered on a regular basis in the following venues

The Lee, Bucks, HP8


These hypnosis and regression training courses are run by professional trainers who have years of experience and expertise of running courses, and who know how to maximise the learning potential of the students. The intention behind the courses and workshops is to offer excellent training opportunities for all participants with integrity, structure, standards and in a heart centred way, that are also fun learning experiences.

During our courses, participants are able to learn and integrate highly transformational energy techniques that are easily used in every day life, and are capable of bringing empowerment to the individual using them. Only by working with the subconscious mind, can participants and their future clients receive the permanent change and healing where it matters most…in the here and now of the current life.

Whether your goal when considering our courses is to further your own personal or spiritual development, to embark upon an exciting new career change, to add a valuable tool to your existing skill-set, or perhaps simply for your own pleasure and knowledge is of no consequence, as our courses are designed for all types of background, all levels of learning as well as all ages.

We hope that now you have found us, then you will be able to join us!