How’s Your Luck?

How’s Your Luck?

When you talk about luck, then many people think of luck in the same way as they think of chance, or more likely probability. For example the odds of winning the lottery (several million to one) relegates luck into the realm of fantasy. As a result many people scoff at the concept of chance and the notion of “good luck”.However, for millenia different cultures around the world have used (or carried) good luck charms. In ancient Egypt, the scarab beetle has represented good luck, milagros in Mexico, the jin chan (or golden toad) in China, an acorn in your pocket from Merry Olde England, a 4 leaf clover in Ireland and more commonly across the world, a lucky rabbits foot and there are many more. What’s more, people across the globe continue to carry good luck charms (quite commonly these days, crystals and new age symbols)

So do you believe that you are able to influence your own “good luck”?

There have been random experiments carried out that demonstrate that when people are given a “lucky” item, maybe even something as bland as a pen, they tend to do better on test or exams.

Some say that lucky people tend to be more open-minded, positive and relaxed. This allows them to be more open to seeing opportunities and acting on them. They also tend to celebrate the success of others around them, rather than being envious of it.

The clue is really in the question I asked a few paragraphs up….the magic is in the belief system or the attitude that one has.

I would say that when people focus on solutions and opportunities then that is where their energy goes. Conversely when they focus on their problems, that focus on the negative draws their energy and attention exactly there and pulls their energy away from the things they want in life (we could go into the realms of the Law of Attraction there). And perhaps as a result, that helps to reinforce in their minds the belief that they are simply unlucky.

I have encountered quite a few people who believe they are unlucky in life …and generally that’s what manifests in their life. That belief or attitude could originate from a number of sources, however the more interesting thought is how to change it!!

“Change your thoughts – Change your world”  is a common enough mantra style saying that you see around the internet. Many post about it though relatively few act upon it consistently as a “rule for life”. However, it is a truth – that our consciousness influences our life.

It is of course all very good to say change your thoughts. However years, decades, generations of “negative” programming are only occasionally overcome in a flash. So, where I am going with this, is to put my hypnotherapist’s hat on and say the same thing in a slightly different way!!.

All of these beliefs and attitudes “sit” in the subconscious mind and that’s where hypnosis can be of tremendous help. Those of you who read these newsletters regularly may have seen me talk about the reticular activating system (RAS) before. Essentially it’s an area of the mid-brain that helps you draw into your life what you are focused on…positive or negative.

The RAS can be “re-programmed” through the use of hypnosis, you can shift your focus to what you do want and the RAS can then start to send instructions for behaviours and thoughts to help to re-create your reality. It works immediately in many cases, however in order to maintain it, you need to keep up the work (with hypnosis). Those expressions “you make your own luck” or “luck is earnt” have some truth to them.

Re-programming the RAS to focus on what you want can also help to reduce distractions (one of the 21st Centruty dis-eases) and especially those caused by any negative type thinking that might have been holding you back.

Hypnosis is essentially a process of increased relaxation, comfort and ease. The very act of doing that for yourself starts to move your conscious thinking mind slightly aside, it can also start to generate a sense of well-being, and most relevantly lets your subconscious mind become more open to suggestion.

With that subconscious openess, you can start to focus on “being lucky” for example. It doesn’t mean that you are going to win the lottery tonight (statistically that’s very unlikely) however if you have realistic goals for what you’re attracting, then it’s likely you will have opportunities, subtle nudges from your subconscious and other ways of instigating more good fortune in your life.

You might also need to vary the routines in your life (research suggests that lucky people do) or do something different on a regular basis. Again, this is the RAS at play giving you the opportunity (by creating new neural pathways) to make new connections, identify synchronicities, focus more etc etc

What it really comes down to, is a positive, open attitude that enables your consciousness to work at making you lucky…and then you having the motivation to act.

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