How Problems Get Easier?

How Problems Get Easier?
First of all, I would like to wish you a Joyful and Peaceful 2022

Have you set an intention of some kind for the year ahead?

I have found that many more people this year are forgetting about more specific intentions and are basing their intentions for the year ahead upon a quality that they would like to cultivate more of within themselves. I rather like that, especially as I noticed in one group that I am part of, the most common quality people want to develop is kindness 🙂

For 2022, I am going to sing the same songs as in 2021, and those songs are around Soul – and how being open to/working with the Soul/your inner world is the way forward for us all. When you start to follow Wayne Dyer’s words (subject line of this newsletter) and start to recognise yourself as a Soul with a body rather than a body with a Soul, then that is how problems start to melt away and become easier.

The vast array of physical “problems”: too fat, too thin, too tall, too short, getting too old, or too this or too that etc. that are relentlessly “projected” at human beings by an unforgiving media are of no consequence to the Soul. From a Soul perspective, you have chosen your current life body for a reason, and often that’s about accepting it as it is, and not falling prey to unhelpful external influences.

The variety of emotions that you might experience in a lifetime and “get stuck in” at certain points of your life are simply your Soul’s way of experiencing and learning. Likewise with all of the thoughts that go through your head, all of the challenging situations that occur personally and coillectively and anything else you care to think of really.

Now, and let me emphasise this, that the above is not said to try and negate the seriousness of anything that you or your loved ones might be experiencing in the current life. All of life’s woohoo moments and it’s challenges are important to be experienced and not “spiritually by-passed” in any way, and at times some of those challenges of course can be very serious indeed.

However when you can accept and embrace that Soul is the entire journey, and that this life and personalty (however attached to it you might be) is just another stop on that journey, then it is easier to get PERSPECTIVE on what’s happening, and life can become easier to navigate.
That’s how problems get easier?

How we perceive the world and our part within it invariably determines about we feel about events, whether that’s on a personal level or a more collective level. If you feel the world is a bad place where difficult things happen, then inevitably your perspective (belief) will start to draw more of that into your life. Conversely, if you feel the world is a wonderful place where good things happen….etc. 

Nonetheless, a positive intention is not all that governs your life. Sitting within your subconscious are your memories (from this life and from other lives) and those that are unresolved within you will at some point start to pull into life experiences that you give you the opportunity to move through them and gain the resolution that your Soul seeks.  

IF you can approach life with a bigger picture perspective that something challenging might be happening in your life that has more purpose to it than your personality might outwardly realise, then that particular circumstance can get easier. i.e. if you can move into an “aha” perspective, rather than an “aaaargh” perspective.

At that point when you start to embrace the “aha”, then the connection with that bigger picture (Soul) perspective is effectively like switching on a light in your home. It can help to facilitate insight, cultivate inner awareness and might well bring help to your situation. You are moving from victim to empowered person and the Soul responds to that, plus you the personality should start to feel about…

As I have already suggested, that switch is ofter easier said than done, however the more you you attempt it, the stronger the response or Soul alignment becomes, like any muscle that you exercise. 

The Soul is all there is – this life and all that it contains, the death at the end of this life are all just a part of the much greater, much wiser, much more peaceful and loving expanse of your Soul. It actually contains pretty much anything and everything you will ever need. It’s not an exact science however acknowledging/tuning into your Soul with the “aha” perspective (in the good times and the bad times) is a way of cultivating the gifts that you need to help make problems easier and to move through these transitional times.
That’s how problems get easier?

Trust Your Soul

Blessings to you

How Problems Get Easier? by Doug Buckingham
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