Home Clearing

Home Clearing

home clearingHave you been having problems selling or renting your house or flat and can’t understand why? It’s a buoyant housing market in your area but still your property is just not shifting.

Or perhaps you are simply uncomfortable in your home, maybe not sleeping well at nights or experiencing some other forms of disturbances to your everyday equilibrium? Unfortunately, it happens to a lot of people.

Have you ever considered that the problem might well be energetic in nature, and therefore you need to call in an energy specialist for home clearing. Exactly as you would call in any other type of specialist for a physical problem.

I have had considerable success in clearing houses, flats and eve pieces of land in the UK, Mexico, Portugal, Switzerland and Thailand. On a commercial basis, this often results in the property has been sold or rented within a month or so of the clearing taking place.Equally, people find themselves sleeping better at night, feeling more comfortable in their own home, their pets are not disturbing them etc.


Your Investment

£175 flat fee – payable by cash, Paypal or by bank transfer for the session. (please note any bank or Paypal charges need to be paid at your side, so that I receive the nett amount of £175)

note: the figure of £185 covers Stripe or Paypal charges. If you want to save money, please use Paypal Friends and Family to doug@dougbuckingham.com or direct bank transfer (£175 only)

In the event that the work is likely to take longer, then I tell you before we start anything.

Please note I do this home clearing work remotely so I don’t need to visit your property. (The process for me is simply another aspect of energy work, so I can do that from anywhere.) If you want me to visit your property, then I am happy to do so, however in this instance I do charge both travelling expenses, and travelling time.

Upon booking, I will send you a list of questions, inclufing asking you to email me one or two external photographs of it, a floor plan (hand-drawn is ok) and a brief history of the property. Then, I check and clear the energy of it. If I recommend any energy solutions that might cost extra (like crystals, plants or similar) then the cost of these extra materials are for your account. And of course it’s your option if you choose to implement these solutions or not.

Guarantee of success: none

Actual success rate so far: very high

If you are interested to find out more about home clearing, then please email me 

Please note that I may not agree to take on the clearing of your property if it doesn’t feel right. That’s not a reflection on you or your property. It just means that I don’t feel I am the right person to help you with your property.


 Doug did a Land Clearing for my Land in Thailand which I was trying to sell for the last 3 years without success.  The Land Clearing done by way of distant work brought up some interesting information that where helping me to let go of some emotional attachment I was still carrying around with me and where interfering with the sale. Also some attached energies to the Land where successfully cleared.  After the Clearing I noticed that I had the necessary energy that wasn’t there before  to invest in finding a better sales broker and within short amount of time I found a really good man.  Things then where flowing really well for me and I was able to sale the Land 3 month after the clearing was done.
I am really happy and grateful about that and can highly recommend Doug’s assistance to bring about change and facilitate a good energy flow leading to successful results.
J.N. Switzerland
Hi Doug.
Just to let you know all’s well at ………
I’ve had three nights of sleep, thanks to you, and feel amazing.
I have a second viewing on my house Saturday and another on Sunday.
Hope your trip is going well.
Regards, Jill N
Hi Doug

Just to let you know, we have completed on the cottage yesterday at noon. Everything went smoothly.

I’m absolutely over the moon, thank you so much for your help!

I’m not sure if you are a beach person but if you are, you must come and stay. It’s all a bit rustic at the moment, it will remain relatively rustic but with some extra home comforts in the very near future – you are welcome anytime!

Kind regards,
Jill C


Dear Doug:
I would like to thank you for the home clearing you practice in order for me to be able to rent my property in Querétaro, México, which was empty for at least four months.

A lot of people show interest but no one accepted the rent fee. After your house clearing, that same afternoon I conluded the deal with a very nice couple.
Regarding The second house I put up for rent the same thing happened after your house clearing, so it got rented immediately.
I would like to express my gratitude and total convincement that this practice Works 100 per cent.
Best personal regards
Sara A. Feijoo Breau, Mexico D.F.



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