Grounding To Manifest

Grounding To Manifest 

Grounding is a way of being fully in your body, and it is an essential part of energy management. Grounding helps you to reconnect your physical body and your energy body with the energy of the Earth so that you can carry the vitality that comes from the Earth more easily. The energy of the Earth is a fundamental part of what sustains and nurtures all life on this planet, and that includes you. So, you actually need to have a conscious connection as well as an unconscious connection with it, and that connection is grounding.

Just like electrical plugs need a grounding prong so that they do not build up excess “charge” (read stress for humans) or even short-circuit, your energy field also needs to ground. While doing so, it also helps to balance and strengthen the chakras and the aura, all of which are electromagnetic in nature, and all of which connect directly into your physical and emotional energy, and thus your entire life.

Most of our grounding is done via our base/first chakra. The Sanskrit name for that is “Muladhara” which means root support. Just like a tree needs to have physical roots to survive and support its growth, and buildings need to have foundations in order to be stable, so we humans need to be rooted with the earth. The obvious physical link between the first chakra and the ground are the legs and feet, and we can use both these and the first chakra itself for grounding.

  Why we need to be rooted/grounded is because it is both vital physical/energetic/mental health practice, and because the more grounded/rooted we are, then the more easily we can manifest. Some people associate the term manifestation with money, however it’s really much more about the whole of life than money in particular. Manifestation is about living the life you want to, and whilst money may be a facilitator of some of that, equally we all know it doesn’t buy you love, friends or family. When you are grounded, you are invariably in the flow of life, and that makes manifesting your reality a while sight easier.

 If you’re someone who lives mainly in your head, then you may not be manifesting all that you could in life or flowing with life the way you would like. Being fully present in your body more consistently could be the ideal way for you to change that. Grounding could well be the key, and grounding exercises are super simple. I talk about grounding, offer some exercises, and have some audio recordings in my upcoming book “Gifts for Your Soul”, or on my Energy Management Audio.

Grounding is actually quite simple to initiate, though there is one important consideration to remember. It’s less of a head-based practice, and more of a body-based practice. So, rather than visualising it solely in your head, it’s much more about feeling it in your body at the same time.

A really simple grounding exercise is to stand with your feet shoulder width apart, with your knees slightly bent, so they’re just over your feet. Turn your feet slightly inward so you can see your big toes on the inside of your knee as you look down.

 Then keeping your back straight push down into floor/earth beneath you, and get a sense of your feet gripping the ground as it were. You should start to feel this in the pelvic/hip area, and/or the thighs and your body should feel sturdier.

 Remember to breathe, and as you breathe out imagine sending roots (like tree roots) down into the earth, and as you inhale then breathe in grounding energy up through those roots and into your legs. Do this for a couple of minutes a few times a day if you can. You may experience your legs shaking a little, and if you do that’s ok, as it really means you are running more energy through your legs and helping to properly ground yourself.

For those of you have done grounding exercises before, this one may differ slightly because of the physicality of it, and this feeling of it should enhance your ability to ground as the energy needs to be felt rather than conceptualized.

 Another great way to ground is to earth. This is being in direct physical contact with the Earth, rather than imagining it. It is known that the Earth maintains a negative electrical potential on its surface, and when you are in direct contact with the ground, perhaps through walking, sitting, or laying down on the earth’s surface, then the earth’s electrons are conducted to your body, bringing it to the same electrical potential as the earth and allowing you to discharge excess energy.

For the majority of our history, humans have had continuous contact with the Earth, and it is only recently that substances such as concrete, wood, plastics and more have made this contact much less frequent. Rubber soled shoes, like trainers or flip-flops, don’t help with grounding either as rubber is a great insulator, and prevents optimum contact.

A really simple solution for this is barefoot contact with the Earth when possible, though perhaps not at the moment if you live in the Northern Hemisphere!! Walking and/or being in nature also work, or if you cannot do either of the above, then you can now find earthing mats, sheets and other products that do a similar job available for sale on the internet.

If you decide to try these exercises, persist with them for a little while to give them a chance to work or you. What you should find when you are more grounded is that you should have more flow in your life, and if you have plans that you are trying to bring into reality, then they may well manifest a bit more easily. There is much more that could be said about grounding, however the above can serve you well as a start.

 I will be doing a free webinar towards the end of the month to talk about manifesting through the chakras, and in particular (on that webinar) about activating the solar plexus chakra to help you energise your manifestations and reality. If you are interested in that then drop me an email and I will make sure you get an invitation.


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