Grounding & De-Stressing You!!!

Grounding & De-Stressing You!!!

“There is deep wisdom within our very flesh, if we can only come to our senses and feel it.

Elizabeth A. Behnke

People on their spiritual journey often forget about the basics and especially grounding, or may even deliberately ignore it as it can seem a bit dull on the face of it. Being out of your body, astral travelling and the like seem like far more attractive options to many rather than simply grounding.

However, the reality is that human beings need to be grounded. Grounding helps you to reconnect your energy body with the energy of the Earth so that you can carry the vitality that comes from the Earth more easily. And the energy of the Earth is a fundamental part of what sustains and nurtures all life on this planet, and that includes you. So, you actually need to have a conscious connection as well as an unconscious connection with it, and that connection is grounding.

Just like electrical plugs need a grounding prong so that they do not build up excess “charge” (read stress for humans) or even short-circuit, your energy field also needs to ground. While doing so, it also helps to balance and strengthen the chakras and the aura, all of which are electromagnetic in nature, and all of which connect directly into your physical and emotional energy, your nervous system, your immune system and thus your entire life.

Stress is the dis-ease of the 21st century and is undoubtedly a contributory cause to many mental, emotional and physical health disorders. It’s certainly challenging to avoid stressors in the 21st Century, and so it’s immensely beneficial to work out ways to mitigate and perhaps even prevent the potential damage caused by stress. Grounding is one of the those solutions or stress, as it is essentially calming and helps to induce stillness within you.

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