Gong Bath

Goodbye Gong on Friday 22nd March at 7pm – Final One at Doug’s Place

Special price of £9.99 (9 being the number of completion) for advance payment

or £15 on the night 

This is the final gong bath taking place in my current location in Chalfont. St Giles, Bucks – HP8 4SH (Metropolitan Line, or National Rail from Marylebone) or close to J18 of the M25 –

As well as me saying goodbye to my home of the past three years, the energy of this special evening (day after the Spring Equinox and it’s the 22nd) will offer you the chance to say goodbye to what you have outgrown…..and release it.

From April onwards my home base for gong baths will be a delightfull location at The Lee House, The Lee, Bucks HP16 9NA – most easily accessible by road, and also by rail (Great Missenden 8 minutes by car or Wendover 11 minutes by car) or by Metropolitan line tube via Chesham  (14 minutes by car).

Sound is a vibrational energy that can be wonderfully healing when combined with the right intention. It can help to relax you and thus reduce stress levels, and in doing so it usually assists in the ability to sustain a deeper sense of inner peace and thus facilitates the “right energy” to sustain well being and better health.

The idea is that sounds aids a person to relax their conscious mind and achieve alpha and theta brainwave states that promote that deeper sense of relaxation where healing happens. The energy and vibrations of the gongs promote a relaxation of the body and soul as well as the mind.

Gongs are a particularly powerful way of facilitating sound healing.

Doug Buckingham is a fully trained Gong Master and offer 1-2-1 gong healing sessions as well as group gong bathes. I work with Paiste planetary gongs – specifically with a 36” Pluto for deep transformation, a 24” Venus for enhancing love, creativity and opening the heart, and a 28″ Jupiter to radiate positive energy to help you dance with lie more effortlessly. 

For this gong bath, please observe all normal practices as you would for any energy therapy session: i.e. avoid alcohol and any drugs other than prescriptions beforehand (unless needed) Water will be provided to keep yourself hydrated Make sure your clothing is reasonably comfortable

More Magical Gong Baths are Happening On


  • Sunday 17th March – Chalfont St Giles, Bucks
  • Wednesday 3rd April – Knowing, Kings Langley, Herts
  • Friday 19th April – Holtspur Scout Hut, Beaconsfield  HP9 1BH
  • Sunday 28th April – The Lee House, the Lee, Bucks
  • Wednesday 8th May – Knowing, Kings Langley, Herts
  • Sunday 26th May – The Lee House, the Lee, Bucks
  • Wednesday 5th June – Knowing, Kings Langley, Herts
  • Sunday 30th June – The Lee House, the Lee, Bucks

To book a place for the events at Knowing, please contact Emma or Dolly at Knowing on 01923 268723

For the events in the Lee or Beaconsfield/Holtspur, please use the link below

Your Investment

Your investment for each evening is only £13 payable in advance

If places are still available then payment on the night is £15 per person

12 places are available for each evening – please let me know which month you are paying for when you make your payment.

You can pay here by Paypal or by using your credit card

or Block book five sessions (either gong or crystal bowl) for use by you/friends/partner and save £10

Thank You

Click here for a useful article about Sound Baths and their recent rise in popularity 


Please note all payments for the evening workshops (usually £13 or £15 for advance payments) are non-refundable unless more than 48 hours notice of non-attendance is given.

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