Freedom With Cutting Cords

“Sometimes the emotions we are feeling belong to the person we are in a connection with, and an energetic cord must be severed.”

More and more people these days take the view that the journey of life is less about accumulation and more about letting go of what’s no longer needed in your life. One wonderful and simple energy technique to do that is cutting cords. The freedom achieved from it can be life changing, as cutting unhealthy cords that are still present in your life can make significant differences in your health, well-being and life in general.
In case you don’t know, cords are energetic ties or connections, which can energetically connect a person with life situations, people, objects, places, thought forms – like a business or a project – or animals. You could say there are essentially healthy cords and unhealthy cords, the latter being the type that drain your energy and stop you moving on in life. 

Many cords form quite naturally in our lives when we meet and bond with other people, places etc. and they commonly attach and detach in a healthy way. Loving partners, for example, will have positive cords in place between them. A baby will be corded to both of its parents, and especially the mother, when it is born and these cords will naturally detach over time as the child becomes more independent.
However, there are also “unhealthy or unwanted” cords that stay in place for longer than is appropriate for one or both parties. Good examples are  when a relationship is over, or when you move house, leave a job etc.. Then these ongoing cords can serve to maintain previous emotional states, behaviours or similar which can become unhealthy for one or more individuals, and effectively stop you moving forward from that thing in the past. 
Unhealthy cords also might be (unconsciously) projected at you by other people; perhaps those who are jealous of your business, sometimes who has taken a liking to you and would like to date you or be intimate with you. There are many possible explanations for why people might energetically cord or attach to you. The essence of an unhealthy cord is that there is usually an agenda with it that is not in line with your highest good, and that means someone is trying to control you or an aspect of your life, even if that is unconscious on their part. 
So, how about you? If you are living a perfect, healthy life and everything in it is flowing and flourishing without any problems then the workshop I am doing on Sunday 9th February is probably not for you.

However, if you feel you are being held back in some inexplicable way from something you want to do, like thrive in a new relationship, succeed in your new job, find a new place to live or any other life situation that isn’t working quite the way you imagine it could, then cutting cords is one area to look at.
And how would you know? Perhaps there is a physical situation that you feel trapped in a relationship or job, you have ongoing intrusive thoughts or dream about a particular person or situation, your energy levels are seriously depleted, or perhaps you are even suffering from a disease, pain or illness that doesn’t make sense. Or perhaps you get an intuitive feeling that there this is something wrong, in which case trust that inner-tuition.
Cord cutting does not necessarily mean you are cutting people out of your life; it does however mean you are cutting the unhealthy aspect of their behaviour out of your life. So, it is ok to work on a cord from a parent for example; it doesn’t mean the parent will disappear, however the relationship between you should change, or perhaps you will feel better about the relationship.
If you’d like to experience an in-depth day of cord cutting and releasing, then I have spaces left on my workshop on Sunday 9th February. If you can’t make the workshop, and prefer to do these kind of things by yourself, then please note I do have a Cutting Cords audio recording both on my App, and available through my website, which is something you can use time and time again. (By the way, I send you the recording for free when you come to the workshop) ​

And if Cutting Cords isn’t for you, keep on letting go…