Forget About Past Lives

Forget About Past Lives

“Life is like a piece of string with a lot of knots tied in it.
The knots are the karma you’re born with from all your past lives,
and the object of human life is to try and undo all those knots. “

George Harrison

One of the main reasons people start to ask questions about past lives is because of curiosity. When you start out on a journey of self exploration or a spiritual journey then past lives are something that are often mentioned by mediums, healers and various others in the holistic fraternity, often cited as being the “reason” for this or that. And of course, the subject of past lives is fascinating in and of itself; who you might have been, when and where you might have lived and what you might have done can certainly get the imagination flowing!!

For no obvious reason I’d been a believer in the concept of reincarnation since childhood, so when I first started out in the holistic arena, having a past life regression was most definitely something that I was extremely curious about. In fact it stayed near the top of my personal “to do list” for a while. When I got around to it, I started off by listening to a Brian Weiss CD, though I always found myself “passing out” after 10 minutes of the recording and waking up on my bedroom floor 40 minutes later. (I only worked out why over a year later). Someone then told me you could see your past lives persons by sitting in a candle-lit room whilst looking into a mirror with a relaxed gaze. I got as far with that as I did with the CD, and decided that perhaps exploring past lives wasn’t for me.

about past livesWhen Karma comes a calling though, there is no escape, and I started having what I later recognised to be spontaneous past life flashbacks and experiences, though I had no real understanding or context for what they were at the time.

Though my clinical hypnosis training (which was taking place around this time) tried to dismiss past life regression as an effective part of hypnosis, it did at least address and I had my own experience on the training that both satisfied my analytical mind, and to my surprise relieved the problems I had with my stomach at the time.

A chain of synchronistic events led me to a regression training course, and it was only there that I discovered that there was more point to processing past lives than simply satisfying my or anyone else’s curiosity. And when I started to do my case studies, what I swiftly discovered was that I was getting jaw-dropping results with many that I worked with, much to both my and their delight. Symptoms that had been present with people for months, years and sometimes all of their lifetime quickly improved and often disappeared. There seemed to be a depth of healing that could be reached through past life regression that I really hadn’t expected at all, and that was way beyond the realm of mere curiosity.

Whilst I was doing my case studies, I also did numerous practice sessions with a small group of friends who I was training with at the same time. I recorded all of my sessions, and over time probably explored somewhere between 15 and 20 sessions/lives. I put them on the hard drive with my computer with the intention of listening to them again and remembering those experiences.

However, I never actually listened to a single one of those past life experiences ever again. What’s more the themes of those sessions/lives never troubled me again. I probably could have remembered them if I tried, but there was no longer was an emotional component to the memory or more importantly to the current life connection from the past life. I hadn’t particularly thought about it at the time, though it occurred to me some time later, that those experiences were over, and they were OVER.

So, I came to the conclusion that the title of this piece “forget about past lives“ is the object of the exercise. The most important goal of past live exploration is that the past life record(s)  that are playing in your subconscious mind finally stops. And so for the past dozen or so years that I’ve been actively practising past lives and regression therapy I’ve principally worked with past lives to help people to get to the origin or source of their current life symptoms, so as to gain a reduction or remission in those symptoms, and to finally bring those past lives to a close. And it works a treat in that respect.

Like anything in life, it’s not guaranteed, however it works for a wide range of people as and when they are ready. From the believers, to the unsure, to the complete sceptics, covering a wide variety of religions and philosophies, from kids through to the elderly i.e. whoever you are!

It is of course worth mentioning that exploring past lives is also a way to understand ourselves better. They do not always lead directly to resolution; sometimes they lead to an understanding of why we do certain things, gravitate to certain (types of) people, get drawn to certain places etc. However, understanding (and acceptance of the understanding) often also leads us into an an opportunity where we are sufficiently empowered to make the changes that our Soul is ready to. As George Harrison said, it’s about undoing all those karmic knots.

I’ll be writing more about past lives soon – if you’d like to know more about past lives, then please email me 

or you might also be interested in my “Soul Discovery “ workshop taking place in March 2020

Meantime remember to forget about past lives 🙂

Love & blessings


Doug Buckingham runs accredited Regression therapy training courses (plus accredited hypnosis training) as well as 1 and 2 day workshops on regression, such as the “Soul Discovery” one mentioned above. He’s also a very engaging public speaker on the subject of regression, and finally he offers 1-2-1 regression sessions both in person and online.