Flow With the Go

“Never row upstream and fight the currents of life, or passively wait for the tides to change. To get to your destination, calibrate your inner compass, adjust your sails to the winds, and look up at the guidance of the stars.”

Anthon St. Maarten

It is too easy to say that the way to live is simply to go with the flow of life. Sometimes, you must know when to take action, even if it does mean doing something that “the crowd”  might not be doing. Knowing when to take action is something that comes from within – born from a desire to listen to yourself and learn from how the outside world presents to you.

If you can take the view that life is a teacher, then it CAN become easier to go with the flow. You are constantly attracting into your experience and the only key is to listen (Jan newsletter) and then at some point….act …. A song on the radio that prompts you to send a message to “x”, a passage in a book that makes you think about eliminating “y” from your diet, a  conversation you overhear in a shop that prompts you to download that podcast by “z”..or a set of synchronicities that take you to a place or space you otherwise might not have been.

Some might say there are no limits in life when you learn to flow with it. In that respect flowing is an important art form that can be learnt and embraced, though in many ways flowing is contra-indicative to how we are encouraged to live life by societal guidelines. So,  flowing also usually involves letting go of “shoulds” and “ought to’s” from your life.

When you are able to allow yourself to flow with Life, you are not resisting or attempting to control it. Therefore, there is no conflict. Whatever is, you are accepting it and are going with the flow of Life. This does not mean you must not work towards changing what feels unhelpful within your life. It simply means that while you are working on changing your current reality, you are willing to be led by the invisible forces of intuition, insight and inspiration.

Knowing when to take action is something that you “feel in your water” so to speak. the only knowedge necessary is within your body and your energy field which then communicates it to your head.

As a sort of follower of what’s happening astrologically, I am aware that certain line-ups of planets, or even the current cycle of the moon may seemingly make things easier or hard to do, and that MIGHT be very good knowledge to be armed with.

For some though, that knowledge can be a handicap rather than a help and almost become a limiting belief rather than a useful consideration. Then it’s easy to overcomplicate things though, to overthink things, to think you need to do things at the “perfect moment” …

Generally, going with the flow is about being in tune with the fundamentals of life…and ultimately trusting them and yourself in the process. It’s easy to get distracted with material things that don’t really matter, getting consumed by technology and chasing other people’s dreams. Then we lose sight of what truly matters, how wonderful we are and we forget how beautiful the world around us actually is.

This is where happiness and fulfillment are…when you learn to let go and flow .    

With Love & Kindness