Finding Out More About You

There are 3 places left on my next Soul Discovery weekend at the end of the month.

Soul Discovery to find out who you truly are at a deeper level is a delightful challenge for many of you in this lifetime. When you start to find out more about your “past”, you can find it easier to let go of limiting patterns, and easier to integrate the positives, both of which empower you to move forward on your current life Soul journey.

If you have the desire to understand more about your Soul self, why you are here, how your past lives have shaped your learnings and behaviours to date, then this is May we’ll be the “right” workshop for you. Soul Discovery is a source of both fascination and illumination, and when you finally start to understand more about what makes you tick then it can empower and enhance your choices for the most relevant life of all…. your current life now.