Exploring Past Lives

Exploring Past Lives
“I started out really young, when I was four, five, six, writing poems, before I could play an instrument. I was writing about things when I was eight or 10 years old that I hadn’t lived long enough to experience. That’s why I also believe in reincarnation, that we were put here with ideas to pass around.”
Willie Nelson

Children (like Willie Nelson in the quote above) who remember their past lives offer perhaps the most compelling evidence yet for reincarnation… when adults listen-really listen-to what the children are trying to say, their own understanding of spirit can be changed forever. There is an awful lot of circumstantial evidence on the subject. 

Anyway, you can have your own past life experiences in the comfort of your own home as my online course “Exploring Past Lives” starts on Thursday 17th September. It takes places over 5 weeks on Thursday evenings at 7.30pm UK time, and it is both “live” and recorded. 

Whether you are a “newbie” to past lives – or a “veteran” this course will offer you something 

Why explore past lives? – Because they affect the current life 

When you click on the short video below, it says a little more about that. However, that’s the essence of why Exploring Past Lives is important…to bring understanding and change to the current life!!