Exploring a Past Life

Exploring a Past Life

One obvious consequence of exploring a past life is that you experience that you have lived before, and rather than just perhaps liking the theory, or having a sense of it to be true, you absolutely know it to be truth at some deep level, and you strengthen your Soul connection and knowing.

Another reasonably obvious perspective from knowing you have lived before is that logically you must know you have died before.

More importantly an aspect of you, your Soul consciousness, has survived that physical death to be reborn one (or more?) times again.

If you can embrace that vantage point that an aspect of you is immortal and live from it, then your life will never be the same again. Whilst you may weep at the thought and the time of your own or loved ones’ passing, you know deep within you that death is not the end, and you will be with those you love again, and that is great comfort and sustenance.

And fear will play less of a part in your live than ever before. And that is also true power!

With Love

Doug x