Enhance Your Energy

“Enhance Your Energy and You Will Enhance Your Life”

I believe that one of the evolutionary tasks for many in this lifetime is to learn to take full responsibility for yourself. While this obviously relates to taking responsibility for your finances, relationships, how you feed yourselves, and all the other practical tasks of life, it also relates to how you take care of your energetic self, and very importantly managing your thoughts, emotions et al.

Often, when a new or renewed enthusiasm for managing your energy takes place in your life then it means that a lot of the other everyday “physical” responsibilities of life become a lot easier to manage too. That learning, or perhaps remembering, that we have the power within us to understand, change and create our own lives, is possibly one of the most liberating and thrilling concepts available to us all today.

We live in an age where the health systems of many countries are starting to creak and groan under the pressure that they have been put, and the lack of finances and resources they have been provided with. As a consequence of this, many more individuals, and many more mental and physical health professionals, are starting to investigate forms of energy medicine and thus return to what is an age old concept — i.e. that the source of many forms of dis-ease is rooted in our spiritual essence, in our Soul. And perhaps you are one of those people who is living on what is likely to turn out to be the cutting edge of human evolution, as we start to realise and fully put into practice the reality that we are more than just physical bodies.

There is an innate ability to self-heal within all of us; as though it is part of our collective DNA. While it is still very much part of the philosophy of many indigenous communities around the world, much of the impulse to self-heal has either been lost or lies more dormant in many parts of the Western World. Here we have tended to look at dis-ease and imbalance as something that comes from the external world, and have become victims that have to look outside of ourselves to others to fix us.

When we do contract illness or disease, it is important to realise that we have options that are within us as well as outside of us. The innate self-healing ability of the immune system is the most powerful and important healer that we can ever access. What we need to do is to learn how to activate and use that self-healing ability within us. Part of the simple genius of self-healing tools is the fact they also focus on prevention perhaps more than, though certainly as well as, remedy. Scientific research has found that many disorders including heart disease, diabetes, and cancer have been preventable. When we put effort and order into maintaining ourselves we go some way towards fostering that attitude and state of prevention, which is effectively the ultimate form of self-care.

Taking responsibility for generating and maintaining our own well-being is integral for our evolutionary journey as human beings. Evidence for this reality is everywhere. Research studies continually show us that diet, exercise and stress management are some of the most effective tools for maintaining health, and the same applies to personal energy management, although the research is not quite there yet.

One simple way that you can start to take responsibility and also care of yourself is by ensuring that you have some kind of simple kind of regular practice that enables you to maintain your energetic well-being and thus your mental, physical, and emotional well-being too. The tried and test foundation stones of that regular practice are being able to ground, protect and clear your energy simply and quickly. In much the same way you like to keep your Self and your home in a good state of health and cleanliness, then the same concept should be applied to your energy field and these simple tools are an excellent way to accomplish that.

If you are not doing so already, then I highly recommend these simple techniques as your first “port of call” to start enhancing your energy. If you do not have a way of getting started, or you would like remind yourself about what you could be doing to start regularly boosting your energy, then you might well be interested in my new CD “Energy Management”  

It’s available from the 11th of August, though you can pre-order it today, and it contains an abundance of useful information about the essentials of energy management, namely Grounding, Protection and Clearing Your Energy. It also includes a number of simple, yet effective practical exercises which you can easily use in your own time and space and for your own benefit.

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Whatever you do, if you are not doing it already, then do have some provision in place to manage your energy, as it will benefit your life hugely.

Love & blessings