Energy Management For You !!

Energy Management For You !!

Many people have been asking why my Energy management album isn’t available on my App “Hypnosis for Transformation” , and the simple answer is that the App has a file size limit and this album exceeds that limit.

However, I am very pleased to say that it is now available as a digital download via Bandcamp here!

The Energy management album contains an abundance of useful information about the essentials of energy management. It also includes a number of simple, yet effective practical exercises which you can easily use in your own time and space and for your own benefit.

A new or renewed enthusiasm for managing your energy often means that many of the everyday responsibilities of life become a lot easier to manage too. The learning, or perhaps remembering, that you have the power within you to understand, change and create your own energy, and thus your own life, is perhaps one of the most liberating and thrilling concepts available to us all today.

This album helps you to build or re-build the foundations for that work.
And you can also buy it here in my shop it as a CD which I will post to you,

Blessings to you