Driving to Success

Driving to Success

It is always good to see hypnosis getting positive press, and most importantly of all, how it’s being used for real-word benefits. A trained hypnotherapist Mr Javez Khan of Manningham, nr Bradford has been helping his driving students dramatically improve their chances by using a combination of hypnosis, NLP and accelerated. Between May 2018 and January 2019, 9 of the 10 people he took down this course passed first time, and one passed second time. Interestingly, he first looked into driving test figures around a decade ago and found the national average for first time passes was only about 28 per cent. He’s certainly made an amazing improvement upon that, and rather wonderfully, he says one of the keys is getting them to relax. That simple, huh!

I have been a hypnotherapist for more than twelve years, and one of my first clients was a gentleman training to be a Black Cab driver. Black cab drivers have to pass ‘the Knowledge” which is a very rigorous set of of examinations (called appearances) that initially take place every 56 days and gradually reduce down to every 7 days (assuming the applicant is successful). part of the problem that this gentleman had was that during the appearances, the examiners simulated “difficult client” conditions and as a result the appearances were tough!! However, with the aid of a few sessions of hypnosis, I had a roaring success with that particular gentleman. So much so, that over the next few months I had another 10 budding black cab drivers keen to improve their own chances of success. Like Mr Khan in Bradford, I found that the key was getting the clients to relax under the challenging circumstances of the appearance, and not get caught up in the examiners attempts to derail their thought processes.

Memory improvement was needed in many cases too, and hypnosis is excellent for getting people to remember things (the subconscious mind is a vast storehouse of memories). What I also found during the process of working with these clients for the same subject was that I learnt so much about the 320 or so runs, turnarounds and landmarks of London that I could probably have had a decent go at the Knowledge myself.

Remember, Hypnosis helps in many everyday ways. It’s safe, natural and extremely useful,

Mr Khan’s story courtesy of the “Telegraph and Argus” here