Dreams or Happenings?

Dreams or Happenings?

“I believe that imagination is stronger than knowledge. That myth is more potent than history. That dreams are more powerful than facts. That hope always triumphs over experience. That laughter is the only cure for grief. And I believe that love is stronger than death. “ Robert Fulghum

Everyone has dreams for what they want to do in their life and sometimes they come true, and sometimes they remain dreams. You may have a friend or an acquaintance who often talks about the holiday they are going to take, the course they’d like to attend, the exercise they are going to do etc. yet none of it ever seems to happen. And you may have another friend who always seems to be going somewhere on holiday, doing great things and making their dreams a reality. Often the difference between those two friends is that one friend makes plans, set dates etc. for their dreams to come true, and the other does not.


What happens with the friend who makes plans is that they set a clear goal (intention) for their subconscious to start creating their reality. Events in life rarely happen by accident, and you (and your ever powerful subconscious mind) ignite a whole trail of possibilities when you start planning to do something. Follow your gut instinct and the synchronicities that happen after that and you achieve your goals.

When the other friend on the “some time” schedule loosely expresses their desires that is what their subconscious mind hears…that is…some time in the future…perhaps. They are going to see that film “sometime”, perhaps when it comes out on DVD, or maybe that trip to that great place will happen “someday”. Without a clear, concise intention, they essentially fail to have a plan and then they are probably planning to fail… subconsciously at least.
There are of course exceptions to every rule, and perhaps there is another friend who seems to happily state their intentions in a vague sort of way, and then the next thing you know…Boom! Here it is. Perhaps they do that on a regular basis, and in that case it’s likely that they are a friend who are more in tune with their subconscious/Soul/intuition. The reality that they know and use this quite actively means they are as definite with their plans as the first friend.
I met a lady recently who was on a cruise holiday with her hubby 5 or so years ago that stopped over in Rio de Janeiro. They loved cruise holidays though they weren’t sure how they would be able to afford to take them as regularly as they would like to in the future. However, that was their goal, and she had written that down quite clearly in her diary for that year. When they were ashore in Rio, a taxi driver spontaneously took them to one of his friends who was a backstreet jewellery maker. They were rightfully a little scared down the backstreets of Rio, however they followed their gut instinct, and found the man was producing crystal jewellery. They didn’t know much about crystals, nonetheless they knew they liked the end products and bought some to take home. Back home and after a while they decided they would like to have some more of the crystal jewellery shipped to them, enough to sell this time and then they took it on their next cruise holiday.
On the cruise holiday they found that the crystal jewellery sold like “hot cakes” and luckily for them their cruise was stopping off in Rio again, so they were able to stock up on supplies. What also happened was that one of the management team of the cruise company noticed how very popular the crystals were with the cruise participants. After a meeting or two, the cruise company invited them to start coming on more of their company’s cruises and in different parts of the world. So, they had achieved their dream of going on more cruises, and what’s more they got to go for free. Plus they got to sell jewellery that they love and support that Brazilian man who has become a lifelong friend, and his family team that supports him in his work. What a lovely dream happening that was!
A fascinating statistic that I read recently was that in 1953 a survey was carried out at Harvard University for a class about to graduate. One of the survey questions asked the students what they wanted to do in the future, and if they had ever written down these goals. 3 percent of them said “Yes, they had”. They were all re-interviewed 20 years later in 1973, and those 3 percent were all noted to be healthier, happier, and the most satisfied with their lives. Incidentally, they were also worth more financially than the other 97 percent combined.
Like the lady in the story and those Harvard graduates, one way of getting clearer is to write down your dreams, for when you do that, then you make them clear goals (intentions). Then you are putting the energy of them into motion, and that can convert them into happenings. You can set dates for them too, and that can work well. However, bear in mind your subconscious doesn’t actually work with linear time as we understand it, so setting dates for your intention can be a little arbitrary. What you might like to remember from my July newsletter is that “Believing is Seeing” rather than the other way round and consistent belief on your part will start to move mountains within your consciousness without regard to any linear time frame.
 If you are ready to write down your goals and intentions, then do so as you would write down affirmations i.e. in a positive language and without “don’t” “not” and other words of negation, for you want your subconscious to associate with what you want to do rather than what you would like to avoid. A journal or some other form of special book is the ideal place to write down your goals. Make your goals and intention big ones too…we don’t actually know what the vastness of our subconscious is capable of, when it is working in tandem with the Universe, so give it a chance to work for you, and work big.
 If you think about it, your dreams and goals help to define your life and the path it takes. The choices that people make in life are proven to have a substantial effect on happiness levels – and that’s essentially what we all want to be – happy in our lives. So choose goals that are in line with your value system, and are going to please you.
Sometimes transforming your dreams into realities can prove challenging. When that happens, it is good to wonder why without getting too caught up in the “why not”.
A common reason can be that the goal is not well-defined. For example “I want to be happy” is nice though very loosely-defined. It is beneficial to have goals that are SMART (one version of this acronym is specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-oriented). If your goal ticks all those boxes, then great, its chances of happening are higher.
Another reason is that your goals are not really your goals. Perhaps your goals are in place to please someone else – perhaps your parents, a partner,your friends or often to adhere to what society expects of you. Those happenings (if indeed they do happen) are unlikely to bring about your happiness. You must set goals that you really want.
Another factor is whether or not you make a commitment to your intentions. Commitment to your goals is as important as commitment to a relationship. Believe in it, nurture it and try and work problems out. Commitment is a sacred thing – it’s a pledge, a promise to yourself and your life.
And finally, is it a Soul goal? That can be a hard ask to work out sometimes, for our ego/personality often answers yes before we had a chance to allow our truth to surface. Does it feel right, does it make you genuinely somewhere in the depths of your being? That’s key and I will be talking about it more in a forthcoming newsletter.
In the meantime, think about your goals – are they SMART, are you committed, do they make you happy? Write them down, put them into purpose and get all of parts of your consciousness working with you and the Universe to achieve them. Good luck!!
Love & Blessings