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  • Empower Your (Eating) Choices?

    Empower Your (Eating) Choices? The article that follows is about eating choices, however when you read it you may find that the basic theory behind applies to a different area of your life. That’s ok, the same principles apply. Read on and enjoy…. Got the theory…yet feel more challenged to walk the talk? Do you Continue reading »

  • Life Enhancing Audio to assist you in your everyday life!

    Life Enhancing Audio to assist you in your everyday life!   If you haven’t already, then perhaps now is the time ? My wonderfully helpful app “Hypnosis for Transformation” contains several free and paid for Life Enhancing audios for relaxation, sleep, motivation to exercise, changing your eating habits, journeying to a positive past life and Continue reading »

  • Sounds True ?

    Sounds True ?   “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”  Nikola Tesla   Sounds True ? Sound is one of the most powerful realities in our life. It can shape how we start our day or even our entire day. It is well Continue reading »

  • Explore Past Lives Aylesbury

    Good Day There’s just a couple of day before this fascinating event takes place in Aylesbury on Thursday 23rd March at 7,30pm Sometimes you become attracted to past lives and the concept of regression in general out of curiosity for who you were or what you did, or perhaps because of an interest in a certain Continue reading »

  • Crystal Sound Opportunities This Sunday

    Crystal Sound Opportunities This Sunday   Crystals & Pyramids – Sunday 19th March 4.15-5.30pm   This is an experiential mini-workshop where I demonstrate various bowls and pyramids. You will have the opportunity to get a feel for and practice yourself with the bowls/pyramids and get a feeling for them, and also some simple tips on Continue reading »

  • Keep Your Balance

      Keep Your Balance Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” Albert Einstein Balance is one of the keys to living a fulfilling life. Once upon a time it might have been very easy to lead a balanced life, however these days keeping that balance is much more Continue reading »

  • Upcoming Delights

    Upcoming Delights “The delights of self-discovery are always available.” Gail Sheehy Some of the highlights of upcoming delights are Reiki Level One Training in April, World-Class Hypnosis Training at the start of June plus Intermediate Hypnosis Training (many additional skills)  at the end of March….and lots of exploration opportunities in Past Lives, the Inner Child and a plethora Sound Continue reading »

  • Motivation ?

    “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does the effects of bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily. “ Zig Ziglar At this time of year the subject of motivation often crops up. Goals that you had at the start of the year, promises that you’d made to yourself and your desires Continue reading »

  • Life Enhancing Audio

    Life Enhancing Audio I am happy to say my App Hypnosis for Transformation continues to help many people on their journey. It offers wonderfull value as it contains a number of excellent Life Enhancing audios….namely   Relaxation The Inner Smile Gratitude Live Crystal Bowls Recording   And your investment for this is only 99 pence Continue reading »

  • Love Your Self

    Love Your Self How you feel about yourself is one of the major keys to what you attract into your life, for the Universe reflects back to you experiences based on the vibration you are sending out. So, if you want to have fulfilling relationships and have rewarding experiences in life, then it is important Continue reading »

  • Sugar Free You?

    Sugar Free You? The benefits of removing sugar from your diet can be dramatic …in a good way. However it is not always an easy road to take successfully. Emotionally, many people experience a real roller-coaster when they Stop Eating Sugar. This is because the sugar is coming out of their system and when we Continue reading »

  • Past Life Body Memories

    Past Life Body Memories  During a talk on regression yesterday at Leeds Theosophical Society, I talked about a couple of cases of past life regression where the current life physical body experiences physical symptoms or somatic reactions that seem to originate from a past life body i.e. completely different body? One of them was about Continue reading »

  • Start 2017 In a Sensational Way!

    Start 2017 In a Sensational Way! If you are already looking into the New Year on ways to improve your life, then one of the very best courses around to help you do that is the Cara fully accredited Hypnosis training course which takes place between the 4th and 8th of January 2017. These courses Continue reading »

  • My App Hypnosis for Transformation Now Available on Android

    My App Hypnosis for Transformation Now Available on Android I am thrilled to say my App Hypnosis for Transformation is now available for Android on Google Play. The App contains 3 free Life Enhancing audios, plus 1 free live crystal bowl recording, which are there for you to listen to and enjoy whenever you want to. In addition Continue reading »

  • Crystal Calling?

    A Crystal Calling? If you have a crystal calling, then you are not alone. The use of crystals dates back as far as there are records of history itself and today crystals are an endless source of fascination to many people of different ages, walks of life and cultures. Some people are attracted to crystals Continue reading »

  • When Life Does Not Add Up, Start Subtracting

    When Life Does Not Add Up, Start Subtracting In age old Celtic tradition in the British Isles, this time of year saw the festival of Samhain. Over the centuries this festival, which commemorated the end of summer and the beginning of winter, was merged with All Saints (All Souls) Day within Western Christianity to create Continue reading »

  • Routine is The Route IN

    Routine is the Route IN!      “It’s the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief. And once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen.” Muhammad Ali You live in a culture of immediacy and immediate gratification! If you really want something and assuming you have some funds or a credit facility of Continue reading »

  • Exploring Past Lives at MBS London & In Your Home

    Exploring Past Lives at MBS London & In Your Home? I am really looking forward to doing a talk and mini-workshop at the Mind, Body, Soul Exhibition at Alexandra Palace between 12-1pm on Sunday 23rd October 2016 This mini-workshop explores the realities and myths of past life regression and reincarnation, and participants in the workshop Continue reading »

  • Have You Grace In Your Space?

    Have You Grace In Your Space? Grace Your Space is your chance to learn some effective techniques to improve the flow of energy within your house or apartment or living or working space. Everything in the Universe is energy vibrating at a certain frequency and this includes buildings or rooms. Sometimes the energy in our Continue reading »

  • Growing ?

    ‘Tis a lovely thing about these leaves on the tree growing upwards and outwards. There’s a quite magical process going on within them, around them and to them that just makes it happen. Fortunately they have no conscious interference, no subconscious belief systems or repressed emotions et al prevent that growing happen. If only the Continue reading »