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  • Moving Beyond Limitations

    Faith dares the soul to go farther than it can see William Clarke Moving Beyond Limitations Russell Brand may not to be everyones taste but the essence of his words on the BBC Newsnight programme last week certainly carry an essential truth. Whilst mankind has made quite remarkable advances in some areas over the past Continue reading »

  • Remarkable Healing – Regression Therapy

    Remarkable Healing  “Whoever makes all cares into a single care, the care for simply being present, will be relieved of all cares by that Presence, which is the creative power.” Kabir Heminski In my opinion, one of the important goals for the spiritual seeker in this lifetime to get ourselves to a place in our Continue reading »

  • Simple Natural Hypnosis

    Simple Natural Hypnosis The exact origins of hypnosis are unknown however there is a reasonable assumption that suggests a form of hypnosis was used in the sleep temples of ancient Egypt 3,000 or 4,000 years ago. The Egyptian sleep temples are also referred to dream temples and it is believed that they were used as healing Continue reading »

  • Life Purpose?

    Life Purpose? The idea of there being a greater purpose to and of life, and if there is anything outside of this finite incarnational experience are questions that have been on the mind of humankind for a long time. We have investigated that through religions and various spiritual traditions and reflective experiences throughout history, seemingly Continue reading »

  • By judging something…

    By judging something… By judging something you only make it “worse”. By trying to stop the “bad” to make it all “good, by saying that this is acceptable and that this must be rejected, you simply empower that cycle of polarization that creates the problem in the first place. By denying or rejecting our own Continue reading »

  • What Would You Really Like to Energise ?

    What Would You Really Like to Energise ? Energy flows where intention goes. It is a basic reality of energy work and as everything in the Universe is energy then it is a reality of all of our every day lives. And it’s as simple as that really. So, need I say more? 🙂 Apparently Continue reading »

  • A Few Words on the Passing of Margaret Thatcher

    A Few Words on the Passing of Margaret Thatcher In the Eighties Margaret Thatcher was respected by some, and highly reviled by many others. Most of us who considered ourselves to be “cool” were in the latter camp even if we were only kids at the time. Even today on Facebook, I see people referring Continue reading »

  • Colour Up Your Life

    Colour Up Your Life I am blessed to be writing this newsletter from the sunny climes of South Africa where I am of course experiencing the Southern Hemisphere Spring (though those of us living in the UK would probably call it Summer). Having just come from the autumn of the UK, I feel even more Continue reading »

  • Opportunity Knocks ?

    Opportunity Knocks Hello Gorgeous Guys n Gals, I have been blessed for the past year or so to have had a wonderful virtual assistant (VA) who has been helping me out on the admin side of things. Recently, though I’ve been getting swamped with even more admin and unfortunately my VA has got busy in Continue reading »

  • Intention & the Law of Attraction

    Intention & the Law of Attraction Intention is the foundation stone of all energy work. When you have a clear intention, or goal, for a therapy session in whatever modality you are practising then odds you will make some progress assuming it is in the Highest Good of the subject for the session. Clear intention Continue reading »

  • Listening to your Guidance

    Listening to your Guidance All of us have asked for guidance at one time or another in our lives – some of us on very many occasions J When we were young, some would be able to ask our parents, as we grew older we would have included friends in that list of advisors, maybe Continue reading »

  • Being A Witness

    Being A Witness I consider myself to be very fortunate in life for many reasons. One of them is because in the “work” area I love what I do and I do what I love. I am also very blessed to meet many quite wonderful people during the course of my work. And what’s more Continue reading »

  • Funk Up Your February

    Hello Lovely People, Hopefully that got your attention….and equally hopefully my typing is a little less absent-minded than usual 🙂 This is just a quick reminder to let you know how you can funk up your February as there are some wonderfully interesting and exciting events coming up over the next month or so… Saturday Continue reading »

  • The Benefits of Energy Protection

    The Benefits of Energy Protection I often rave about the benefits of energy protection to clients, colleagues and friends.Like many energy techniques, the true understanding and acceptance of them comes when we find them of benefit to them in our everyday lives…here is the story of one lady’s experience who recently took a Reiki course Continue reading »

  • Reiki Your Way Into 2012

    Reiki Your Way Into 2012 The reason why I practice, teach, use and sing the praises of Reiki on a regular basis is …because it works! And it works as a holistic therapy on several levels – i.e. physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. It’s a very effective tool for assisting us to take responsibility for Continue reading »

  • Being of Earthly Use

    Being of Earthly Use There’s been a lot of information given out about the potentials of the 11.11.11 energies and many wonderful possibilities for our collective spiritual advancement and enhancement have been suggested. However, what does need to be emphasised is that the fundamental principle underlying all of this is the need to really ground Continue reading »

  • November Reiki Courses in London

    Reiki Courses in London Hello, There are a range of Reiki courses in London running through November in my new abode in Southgate Road, London N1 3JS Saturday 5th November – Reiki Level I – an easy intro to Reiki, focussing on the basics and offering simple techniques of how to work with Reiki for Continue reading »

  • Inspirational Evening Events

    Hello Lovely People, Inspirational Evening Events…So called because they are….. Please note all of these events are now FREE….however they do come together with a gorgeous hug which costs £10 in advance or £15 on the night…..still a rather fabulous investment, methinks…for more details checkout the website and/or come and find out for yourself… The Continue reading »

  • Autumn Equinox Celebration on Friday 23rd September

    ” Come along and harvest your successes from the summer and prepare to relax into Autumn. “ With Caroline and Doug The equinox is all about day and night becoming equal, astronomers see it as a time when the sun moves into libra, a sign of balance The evening programme includes: Meditation Chanting Reflection Harvesting Continue reading »

  • Grounding, Protection and Clearing Your Energies

    Grounding, Protection and Clearing Your Energies Overly stressed? …Losing things more often than you like…Always getting lost? These are just a couple of the symptoms of being ungrounded which is one of the subjects for Saturday’s half day workshop ” Grounding, Protection and Clearing Your Energies” It’s an essential part of our life/spiritual journey that Continue reading »

  • Lovin’ the Reiki

    Lovin’ the Reiki There’s a very simple reason why I practice, teach, use and sing the praises of Reiki on a regular basis – because it works! And it works rather well. And as it’s a very holistic therapy, it works on several levels – i.e. physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. It’s a very effective Continue reading »