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  • Clutter Clear Your Happy New Year

    Energetically the times are “still a changing” and many people experienced profound energy shifts on an ongoing basis throughout last year and will continue to do so for the first few months of this year. Many people also report getting or being stuck in some way too. One of the simplest (though not necessarily easiest) Continue reading »

  • Crystal Bowl Magic for 2015

    Crystal Bowl Magic for 2015 Thanks to all of you who came to enjoy the Crystal Bowl Magic Evenings in 2014. I hope that you can continue to enjoy the benefits of this very powerful form of healing in the year to come. For those of you who didn’t make it, then I hope you can find the time Continue reading »

  • The Soul Imperative

    The Soul Imperative Most of us consider ourselves fortunate enough to have free will in this life, but perhaps for some who are consciously aware of their ‘Journey of the Soul’ it is more of a theoretical free will. Theoretical because for some of us in this life the call of the Soul is so Continue reading »

  • For Every Problem There is a Solution

    For Every Problem There is a Solution Niels Bohr who was one of the foremost scientists of modern physics and highly renowned for his substantial contributions to quantum theory once said that ‘every great and deep difficulty bears in itself its own solution. It forces us to change our thinking in order to find it.’ Continue reading »

  • 2014 – 2015 Opportunities & Events in the UK and Latin America

    “The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.”  Eleanor Roosevelt UK Events in the Up and Coming months Include December Thursday 11th December – Crystal Bowl Magic Sound Evening in Loughton IG10 4ES January Saturday 10th January – One Day Continue reading »

  • The 11th of the 11th

    Welcome to the 11th of the 11th … a powerful and poignant day for historical reasons, firstly as a day when peace happened and then as a day of remembrance of those who fell before the peace. Energetically, this is also a day of opportunity. Elevens are seen as “master” numbers, when the opportunity to Continue reading »

  • Does Money Grow On Trees?

    Does Money Grow On Trees? The very idea of money can invoke strong opinions or even resistance in people. Some people labour under the idea that it is wrong to have money. There are quite a few spiritual people have the idea that money is somehow “dirty” and unspiritual. Conspiracy theorists may well tell you Continue reading »

  • Control – A Common Misconception About Hypnosis

    Control – A Common Misconception About Hypnosis A common misconception about Hypnosis is that you “lose control” in some way and surrender your power to the therapist. This may arise from places where hypnosis has been used for entertainment, such as stage hypnosis, and other experiences that people haven’t fully understood. The reality is that Continue reading »

  • Xenoglossy

    Sometimes the conversations you have in Regression Circles are not necessarily the ones you should be having in a busy cafe…or perhaps they should? Yesterday I was disussing Xenoglossy a little loudly with a friend in a cafe (Xenoglossy is when a person is able to speak or write a language he or she could Continue reading »

  • How Do You Sleep?

    “I tune in to some friendly voices Talking ’bout stupid things. I can’t be left to my imagination. Let me be weak, Let me sleep And dream of sheep.” Kate Bush How Do You Sleep? Sleep is of course absolutely essential for every human being. As well as being vital rest a key part of Continue reading »

  • Sugar Free Me ?

    Sugar Free Me? As a child growing up in the seventies and eighties, I remember being highly hypnotised on a regular basis by the adverts on the television. I remember repeatedly hearing the messages that a certain chocolate bar would “… help me work, rest and play”, that another one is “…just enough to give Continue reading »

  • Past Lives & Regression Workshop

    Have you ever tapped into or experienced one or more of your ‪PastLIves‬ ? The chances are that you have; maybe you just haven’t actively considered the possibility of the experience being a soul memory from a past life. Perhaps you have been in a place that you’ve never been to before, yet you recognize Continue reading »

  • Hope

    Hope … plays such a potentially powerful role in life. It is much more than a rose-tinted view that “everything will turn out ok in the end”. It is more about believing that you that have both the will and the way to get where you need to go or accomplish whatever you need to Continue reading »

  • Hypnosis to Manage Social Anxiety

    Hypnosis to Manage Social Anxiety Social anxiety disorder is a very common form of anxiety. This could affect anyone at any time, and causes problems with everyday circumstances, from shopping to talking to people on the telephone. It is not out of the ordinary for social anxiety to cause problems at work and in our Continue reading »

  • Hypnosis Can Help With Low Self-Confidence  

    Hypnosis Can Help With Low Self-Confidence Most of us have experienced times where we genuinely feel more self-confident than others, but sometimes a bad encounter can knock our self-confidence and keep it low. Low confidence can make it difficult to cope in many areas, including work, social and stressful situations. Low self-confidence doesn’t always follow Continue reading »

  • A Remarkable Story of Forgiveness

    Amy Biehl was an American graduate of Stanford University with a strong social conscience. Her parents said that she was drawn to South Africa and admired the vision of Nelson Mandela, so in 1992 she re-located to Cape Town so that she could work in black communities and townships that had suffered under apartheid. She Continue reading »

  • Hypnotherapy can offer a reduction in stress

    Hypnotherapy can offer a reduction in stress Most people have experienced some stress in their lives but some of us have to endure the effects of it repeatedly. Of course stress related illnesses are rife in society. A hypnotic approach can be a helping hand to take command over this destructive emotion. There are numerous Continue reading »

  • PastLives

    PastLives An old article but a good read on reports of Children’s Past Lives And Birthmarks Related to Past Lives by Jim Tucker. Jim has taken over the mantle of Dr Ian Stevenson, who was probably the leading academic researcher into reincarnation. Stevenson researched reincarnation extensively and provided what is possibly as close as we Continue reading »

  • Soul Group Members

    Soul Group Members Kindred Spirits and/or Soul group members can support us or push us to live our lives to our very highest potential, so that we can find the inspiration and meaning that’s an essential part of our Soul Journey, and thus our everyday existence. Sometimes the reality of #Soulmates or Soul group members Continue reading »

  • Simple, Natural Hypnosis

    Simple, Natural Hypnosis The exact origins of hypnosis are unknown however there is a reasonable assumption that suggests a form of hypnosis was used in the sleep temples of ancient Egypt 3,000 or 4,000 years ago. The Egyptian sleep temples are also referred to dream temples and it is believed that they were used as Continue reading »

  • Do We Need a Revolution Before We have an Evolution?

    Do We Need a Revolution Before We have an Evolution? We either make ourselves miserable or make ourselves strong. The amount of work is the same. Carlos Castañeda.  Life is of course all about choices, and the choices we make govern our everyday reality and thus the passage of our lives. And when we make Continue reading »

  • Competition or Co-operation

    Competition or Co-operation        The only thing that will redeem mankind is cooperation.   Bertrand Russell Human society is based upon the concept of peaceful co-operation, but finding a balance to ensure that all members and parts of society thrive or even peacefully co-exist is a challenge. Obvious imbalances and differences in the world around Continue reading »