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  • Hypnosis Helping You and Your Goals for 2024

    Your Goals for 2024 Perhaps you have some genuine goals for 2024? Changes or improvements that you would really like to integrate? Or something unhelpful that you would really like to stop doing once and for all ? New Year’s Resolutions are always very well intentioned however the reality is that most of them do Continue reading »

  • Are the Answers Within?

    Are the Answers Within? “You can’t teach anybody anything, only make them realize the answers are already inside them.” Galileo Galilei It seems almost too trite (and to some almost insulting) to say that the answers are within, as the phrase is easily said and often those answers not so easily recognised let alone accessed. Continue reading »

  • Words are Power

    Words are Power “All the magic you possess is based on your word, and you cast spells all the time with your opinions. You can either put a spell on someone with your word, or you can release someone from a spell.” Don Miguel Ruiz, The Four Agreements Words have been used in spells, rituals, Continue reading »

  • The Energy of Anticipation

    The Energy of Anticipation “Well,” said Pooh, “what I like best,” and then he had to stop and think. Because although Eating Honey was a very good thing to do, there was a moment just before you began to eat it which was better than when you were, but he didn’t know what it was Continue reading »

  • With the Right Frequency Anything is Possible?

    “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” Nikola Tesla Sound healing is a splendid thing! I have been a firm advocate of it for many years for myself and others. The popularity of sound bathes has increased exponentially since I first started doing them Continue reading »

  • Flow With the Go

    “Never row upstream and fight the currents of life, or passively wait for the tides to change. To get to your destination, calibrate your inner compass, adjust your sails to the winds, and look up at the guidance of the stars.” Anthon St. Maarten It is too easy to say that the way to live Continue reading »

  • Tuning In To You

    First of all, let me take the opportunity to wish you an absolutely splendid 2023. May all of the minutes and moments that are waiting for you offer you opportunties and potentials for you to live your life to your highest potential and greatest joy! + When I train other people in the delightful arts Continue reading »

  • Nothing Has To Be Anything

    Nothing Has To Be Anything I have recently found myself slowly dismantling my internal belief system. Nothing earth-shattering, yet a steady change within that resulted in the world around me doing likewise. I ran a hypnotherapy course last week and found myself talking about beliefs more than I normally do, mentioning them as the foundation Continue reading »

  • Among the Many Common Questions

    Among the Many Common Questions Among the many common questions that people wonder about prior to having a regression are “if they can be regressed” and “how does it actually work”. I always think that questions like this are important to ask before we start Everybody can be regressed in theory – if I ask Continue reading »

  • Exploring a Past Life

    Exploring a Past Life One obvious consequence of exploring a past life is that you experience that you have lived before, and rather than just perhaps liking the theory, or having a sense of it to be true, you absolutely know it to be truth at some deep level, and you strengthen your Soul connection Continue reading »

  • Taking Control of You?

    Taking Control of You? “Living is Easy With Eyes Closed…Misunderstanding All You See” sang the Bard Lennon, and oh boy, was he right. Life is much easier when you are able to wander through it in carefree bliss. However, when your eyes are opened to a different reality, whether you choose to call that a Continue reading »

  • Kindness & Appreciation

    Kindness & Appreciation Whatever comes next is entirely up to you and whatever you choose to create. This is how our Quantum Reality works. There are a lot of people who are bemoaning the fuel, energy, food etc prices that are supporting the “cost of living” crisis, and aiding the speculation of what will happen Continue reading »

  • Soul Appreciation

    Soul Appreciation Life is a process where we interract with each others, we become involved in situations, we observe what is happening here or there, and more often than not we develop opinions (and likely some judgements) about those things. The personality is created from a series of building blocks (beliefs and expectations sitting in Continue reading »

  • Empowered Up? or Not?

    Empowered Up? or Not? When I think about it, much of the “work” that I do is about helping people to reclaim their power. Whether it’s as seemingly simple as helping someone to stop smoking (they gave away their power to a habit), or a seemingly more complicated scenario where they conquer a fear from Continue reading »

  • How’s Your Luck?

    How’s Your Luck? When you talk about luck, then many people think of luck in the same way as they think of chance, or more likely probability. For example the odds of winning the lottery (several million to one) relegates luck into the realm of fantasy. As a result many people scoff at the concept Continue reading »

  • Change Your World

    Change Your World “If you follow the crowd, you will go no further than the crowd. But if you walk alone, and find your own way, you will likely find yourself in places no one has ever been before.” I thought that I would offer a story in this month’s newsletter. Thanks to whoever posted Continue reading »

  • Not Only, But Also …

    Not Only, But Also…  “Self-knowledge leads to wonder, and wonder to curiosity and investigation, so that nothing interests people more than people, even if only one’s own person.” Alan Watts   At first glance, there appears to be three fans of this newsletter, who regularly write to me and (mostly) say how much they enjoy it Continue reading »