Does Money Grow On Trees?

Does Money Grow On Trees?

The very idea of money can invoke strong opinions or even resistance in people. Some people labour under the idea that it is wrong to have money. There are quite a few spiritual people have the idea that money is somehow “dirty” and unspiritual. Conspiracy theorists may well tell you that the monetary system is fatally flawed as it’s in the hands of a few controlling individuals trying to run the world!

Money cannot buy peace of mind., or heal broken relationships, buy true friendships or build meaning into a life that has none, and as the Beatles once sang, it…”Can’t buy you love”

However, whilst there’s no doubt that there is a lot of questionable manipulation in the world around money, and that it is extremely unevenly distributed around the peoples of this planet, the simple reality is that most of us have to use money on an everyday basis to buy food, pay bills and sample some of life’s little luxuries.

In its simplest form money is energy; it is the energy that acts as the currency of Planet Earth at this moment in time and we receive this energy in exchange for our services, goods, time or a combination of those things. And in theory, as with all energy, it should flow to us and from us with relative ease i.e. a reasonable balance of giving and receiving.

So what’s happening when it doesn’t or hasn’t come to us, or perhaps to put it more correctly, why do we sometimes perceive that it isn’t flowing to us as freely as it could or even allow ourselves to receive it?

Often, that can be the result of limiting beliefs. Limiting beliefs are one of the most common ways that we humans can prevent ourselves from living our lives as we would like them to be. Sometimes they are referred to as core beliefs because they form a core part of our subconscious programming. These core beliefs often come from childhood, other earlier parts of our life and from past lives. The intended purpose of them is that they are positive and helpful in our lives, allowing us to respond to situations we encounter in a constructive way and thus help our lives to flow.

However, this isn’t always the case, as sometimes circumstances in our early lives or past lives dictate that the core beliefs we form actually reflect a slightly misunderstood, confused or even flawed view of reality. These may possibly serve a positive purpose for us at the time but when that purpose has passed then they actually limit us later on in our lives. And when we encounter certain situations, these old core beliefs kick in from the subconscious mind, they remind us of that flawed view of reality and sabotage our true intentions. Thus, they prevent us from achieving what we’d really like to do.

Money is one of the key areas where limiting core beliefs can be very active. There are many possibilities here, though some of the most common ones are:

 I don’t have enough
 I don’t deserve
 I have to work hard to earn that money
 I spend money more quickly than I can earn it
 Money’s a dirty word
 Money doesn’t grow on trees

When we have beliefs of this nature that inhibit money and other forms of abundance from flowing into our lives in the way we want to, then of course we need to make changes if we want the flow in our lives to change. As these beliefs are subconscious, then we need to use a tool that works with the subconscious effectively. For me, the most effective, permanent ones are hypnosis and regression. As well as reframing some of my own limiting beliefs regarding money and abundance, I have helped numerous people reframe theirs.
Past lives often seem to be a veritable “minefield” for limiting beliefs around money. Unfinished lives in the clergy/monastic style lives (money and spirituality don’t mix?), in impoverished circumstances (I’ll never be rich?) or ascetic style lives (dictionary definition – characterized by severe self-discipline and abstention from all forms of indulgence) are just a couple of the avenues that have been explored as sources for blocks of this nature. Whether it is the situation itself or the powerful words (vows) uttered about it is irrelevant; the effect can be the same.

Our current lives can be just as culpable areas too for birthing and harbouring limiting beliefs, as our early years are sometimes characterized by the limits of the circumstances we grow up in, the words that were said to us, or the perceptions regarding lack we formed at the time….whether these were “correct” or not they will still form part of our inner programming.
Wherever the so-called limitation comes from, the point to bear in mind is that it can invariably be changed with a little bit of application and determination. Hypnosis and regression are my own personal tools of choice for the transformation of these core beliefs; and like anything in life some of them are easy to change, while others can take a little deeper work.
What I offer you this month is a powerful hypnotic relaxation mp3 which aims to assist you with reframing any self-limiting beliefs or blocks you may have around money and other forms of abundance. It can help you to open yourself to more positive beliefs and to accept life’s rewards more easily, and to live a more enriching and fulfilling life as a result.

As always, it comes tried and tested and with my own personal recommendation. Whilst writing and recording this particular mp3 I “re-covered” a substantial sum of money which I thought I had kissed goodbye to. I wasn’t planning for this to happen however I was deep in the process at the time, and as is often the case the Universe decided that I needed a practical lesson as well as the theoretical ones!!

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Please do remember that another one of the key areas to abundance flowing into your life more easily is gratitude. An attitude of gratitude helps to shifts your focus from what your life lacks to the abundance that is already present. Furthermore, research into positive psychology techniques suggest that an attitude of gratitude genuinely makes people happier and more resilient in their everyday lives, as well as helping to improve health, and reducing stress.

It all helps to …..allow abundance in all its shapes and forms to flow to you more easily!
And … money does grow on trees…if you want it to!