Do You Have Enough Time?

Do You Have Enough Time?

One of my favourite things to remind myself of is that “believing is seeing” rather than the other way round. Time is an area where applying this philosophy can bring great dividends, and I’d encourage anyone and everyone to consider adopting a similar outlook, as this simple shift in perspective alone can empower you to make very positive changes in your life.

On the face of it, time is finite. We have a certain amount of time between our birth and our death, and it is measured out in minutes, hours, days, weeks and years and thus is a constant. That’s a very linear and logical viewpoint and that of course has its merits. Hopefully, it can help to spend your time wisely and your life more effectively on things that you really enjoy.

However, time is also subjective too, as that’s what your personal perspective of passing time is. You probably have days where you perceive that time flies, and others where it noticeably goes more slowly. If you have had a daydream, or laid in bed in the morning or at night in a half-awake, half-asleep state or indeed any other form of a trance state, then you might have experienced some form of time distortion.  Interestingly enough, time distortion is one of the specific phenomena of hypnosis. People who experience hypnosis often awaken thinking that the twenty-thirty minute experience took hours, or sometimes that it only lasted a couple of minutes.

Where all of that time theory gets really interesting though is that you can use time distortion in whichever way you choose in your subconscious and change your inner perception of time, and that’s what this “Time is On Your Side” is all about.

Perhaps you have a lot of things to do in your everyday life, and a feeling that you never have enough time to do them all, and you would like to move more freely in life without feeling the pressure of linear time?

time is on your side

My Life Enhancing Audio “Time Is On Your Side” can help you to manage your time more effectively, so that the list of things that you have to do gets done more easily and more efficiently, leaving you with more time to maximise your ability to spend time on the more enjoyable things in life.

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I hope you enjoy and benefit from it.

Love & Blessings