Do You Eat In a Trance?

Do You Eat In a Trance?


Often we can eat when we are not really hungry, but rather perhaps a little bored.

Do you ever do this?

Do you ever eat while watching TV?



This is an easy way to eat mindlessly and make poor eating choices. Trying to keep our eating in a 12 hour window is one sensible strategy, but since this might rely on willpower- this could be tricky.

Our subconscious mind is a wonderful thing and regulates many of our automatic functions like our blood flow, breathe etc.
However it also often causes things like ‘eating trances’ where our eating just happens. One of the goals of Hypnosis is to bring subconscious behaviour like this into rapport with conscious desires that are more healthful and helpful !! So, What really helps you make empowered eating choices?

Have you tried to use Hypnosis to re-Power your subconscious programmes that are running
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