Deep Down….

Deep Down…

Deep down in the subconscious mind, you can find your core programming or core beliefs. These core beliefs often come from the first 5 or 7 years of childhood, from your experience in your mother’s womb or even from what are referred to as past lives. During the early part of your current life, you soak up experiences like a sponge, usually unable to assess whether they are good, bad or indifferent and these experiences are usually what form your core beliefs, without you even realizing it.

Sometimes core beliefs can be extremely positive and helpful, like the ones that teach you the difference between hot and cold, what’s safe and what is dangerous etc. These allow you to respond to situations you encounter in life in a constructive way and all going well help your life to flow. However, several of the beliefs that you unwittingly take on work in less advantageous ways. Some circumstances in that early part of your life dictate that the core beliefs formed actually reflects a slightly misunderstood, confused or even flawed view of the reality which we experience in adulthood. These are the core beliefs that become limiting beliefs.

Limiting beliefs are one of the most common ways that we humans can prevent ourselves from living our lives as we truly want to. Quite often limiting beliefs can often mean the difference between talking about it and actually doing it, they can be a great source of procrastination, fruitless labours, self-sabotage of some sort or simply not fulfilling your potential. In short, they prevent us from achieving what we’d really like to do, and how we would really like to be. As we move through life we often develop language patterns and behaviours that inadvertently reflect and reinforce the core belief, and thus we construct our own resistance to change.

One of the tricks to bring them to be completely honest with yourself and bring awareness to observe the areas in which you are not living as you want to, or areas where you have particularly strong resistance to change. Having said that, limiting beliefs can often be difficult to find as we repress or suppress into our subconscious almost as parts of ourselves that we do not want to own or admit to…One of the most comment limiting beliefs is a variation of “I am not good enough” – Ouch!! – and who really wants to own that. When you can be genuinely honest and reflective of and with yourself, you allow the core to be something that you are more consciously aware of, and that’s when the change “Deep Down” starts to become more of a realistic problem. As the Buddha is once reported to have said, “You need to know you have a problem before you can start to change it.”

By the way, limiting beliefs of this nature do not necessarily operate in every area of your life, and in fact it is likely they will be present in a specific area, perhaps relationships, body image your work or your attitude to finances and abundance for example.

Beliefs of limitation are likely produce a specific emotion, a feeling or a sensation and those are likely to auto-pilot your decisions in specific or particular areas from somewhere back in the subconscious mind. Those emotions etc. are likely to be familiar to you in areas where you are not being as “successful” as you would like to be. Being aware of these patterns within yourself and accepting and acknowledging them is again one of the first steps towards letting of them and changing them permanently.

As I mentioned, finances and abundance (money) is one of the most common areas where limiting core beliefs can be very active. Some of the most common ones are:
 I don’t have enough
 I don’t deserve
 Money’s a dirty word
 I am not good enough (or a similar variation)

The very idea of money can also invoke some strong resistance in people. Some people labour under the idea that it is wrong to have money, or satisfy themselves with the idea that “I always have enough to survive”. Many of the everyday thoughts, words and actions that people have around money, though, emanate from the underlying core belief deep down. The simple reality with money is that most of us have to use money on an everyday basis to buy food, pay bills and most of us would like to have more than enough than to just survive and perhaps sample life’s little luxuries and thrive in other ways too, without having to stress about money on an ongoing basis. What’s more, most of us would welcome it flowing into our lives more easily and more effortlessly.

This is an area where I have been working with a lot of clients recently to get their money/abundance beliefs and realities flowing in their life the way they would like it to. My workshop that goes into this fundamental area in much more detail “Transform Your Relationship with Money” is taking place on the 6-7th January 2018. Within this workshop we will go in search of the core limiting beliefs in the subconscious mind, and transform them, work with any past life energy that may still be running as well going into the whole area of money on a practical and energetic level.

Then you can Transform Your Relationship with it right at the start of the New Year ahead.

As well as attending the workshop, and experiencing the transformation that takes place for you there, and the tools that you will be able to use in your everyday life to continue enhancing your relationship with money,

I am also going to give you to the following to take away with you from the workshop:

 Audio recordings of the entire workshop – sent on mp3 to your inbox
 Complimentary access to a one hour follow-up group Skype call (The group for this workshop only) to talk about progress and obstacles
 Complimentary access to a one hour group call about Crypto Currencies (the future of money)
 and probably a few other things that I think of between now and then

Working with your core beliefs around money and abundance in this way has a knock-on effect throughout your whole life, as money determines a lot of things in your life, like what you eat, where you eat it, where you live, where you go on holiday, the clothes you wear and often how you feel about yourself amongst other things. It’s a game changer…

So, if you’re keen to create transformation for yourself in this life changing area, then you can book your place now here, and if you’re still thinking then check out my mini e-book “Abundance is A Fun Dance” which will be coming out in my pre-Xmas newsletter.

Whether you follow this route or not, remember that down in your subconscious mind is the place to make significant changes in your life, so give yourself permission to do just, and initiate awareness in a way that is right for you.

Believe deep down in your heart that you’re destined to do great things.”