Custom-Made Audio Recordings

Custom-Made Audio Recordings

I have created numerous Life Enhancing Audios during the past 10 or so years. A good number of these are present in either my Website shop, or available on my App “Hypnosis for Transformation”, and I recommend you sample one or two of them to get a flavour of me and the recordings.

I have also created many custom-made audios, mainly for individual clients, though also for groups and businesses. With individuals, the types of audios that I have created are tailored to their specific need at that moment in time – often that’s a health challenge that they need extra support for, a personal milestone that they wish to achieve (sports people are a common example) and other everyday life issues where they want to really reinforce the new pattern deep into their subconscious.

I have also produced audios for groups, such as dance companies and sports teams, where the goal has often been to help a group of people to achieve a common goal, and this again often relates to performance and events. And I have crated Life Enhancing audios for business to empower and motivate the employees to work together as a more cohesive and effective unit, and other tasks that are pertinent to the growth and well-being of that business.

In short, if you want something that’s specifically created for your own needs, then I can do it.

I do the recording in a studio, so that the quality is good, and also have the recording edited by a studio engineer.

And then I deliver you the Lie Enhancing Mp3’s that are especially for you and your needs.

Prices vary depending on your specific requirement, so if you are interested, then please do email me to find out more.

Thank you